Sauga January Thread



Ok then, enough of that. Back to business.

GB tourney matches:

Shu plays Ramy

Winner of that play eachother

Hayvren plays James

I play Anant 3 of 5 (winners finals)

Loser of this plays winner of ----^ that match…

That one would be losers finals.

Then the two winners play grand finals. That’s our tourney. Hurry up and finish it.

EDIT: Wow, that wasn’t too clear. Anyways, I hope you get the idea. Play your matches please.


yeah, lets move this thing along so i can get my chief hair :stuck_out_tongue:
chris P: u got enough money for the winner yet?




I predict Bry wins MAT 2k4 MvC2.


Happy new years ya niggas :smiley:


No way teddy, I have to win because the tournament is named after me!


Just hope I dont choke in CvS2


well thats JEWWWW TASTIC!!!:smiley: :smiley:


Gunbound isn’t as fun when you’re playing Japanese people decked out in Indian Hats and armor. I need that kind of stuff. I really need to go to bed. I think I moved past tired back into awake and that means only one thing left. STUPID STUFF!

I’ll get the ball rolling with… Gerjay is a homosexual… with… TECHROCK! I don’t think Adrian could handle Gerjay’s “power.”


It’s 6:23, just came home from a party, happy new new year. my head hurts…


Shu won 2-0



I beat ramy.

James hurry up and beat Hayvren.


who i play?


hayvrens never online…


this is jiggary…
i owend up jonstar! in mtl… after the tournye tmr, i’m gonna slap the exclamation mark out of his name


i’m on every day, must be at diferent times tho


if ever there was doubt that god existed:

Jim Caviezel, who stars as Jesus in Mel Gibsons Passion, was struck by lighting during the filming. Assistant director Jan Michelini was also hit for the second time during the shoot. A worker on the set told Variety: Im about a hundred feet away from them when I glance over and see smoke coming out of Caviezels ears.

edit: i barely beat hayvren 2-1, the last 2 matches were tight as hell:eek:
who do i play next so we can get this moving?
Vice City > True Crime
beat shu 2-1…2nd game he made a crazy cable comeback, ownage


But True Crime has SNOOP D O DOUBLE G …!! dawg


but animal Crossing runs all your shit:cool:


i won the tourney, chris gimme my chief hair :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not too sure about their rank, but I do know that Jiggabry lost his first round against Alex and was eliminated by JS master.
JS master beat only Jiggabry, so I think JS master placed 7th and Jiggabry 9th :eek: ExMatt didn’t join.

Your best player just had a lot of bad luck during his matches, I still respect his skills, he’s pretty good, but you know that in tournaments your execution can’t be perfect.

thanks for comming to this tourney, hope to see you again in the future.