Sauga July 2006 Thread

Poof…T7 is coming. :nunchuck: :party:

Would you guys be good enough to let me know if you’re reaching T7?


I think that covers the bases for Sauga. If I’m missing anyone, I’m very sorry.

Of course I’m going to T7 and will be there for the full 3 days and also for the MvC2 Qualifier to get my CvS2 money matches settled. The Windsor trio (if you remember them) may show up again but they might leave immediately after Day 2 around Midnight or the morning/afternoon of Day 3.

ps. Did Orbit install in SFA3 and ST yet?


im too scrubby to go to T7, and im also too poor. I could prob use the training tho…

honestly lessard reach it’s mad fun, i’ll probably beat juice if possible somehow and we can just cheer on team canada guy!


i cant make it

so wasted last night…ugh
T3 is comming.!!!

edit: whos got my papes???

wine for the win

gave em to bry last nite

Yea James was wasted. I was talking to James playing poker and he beasts on Junior Chickens, then I go downstairs, play a game of pingpong, and I hear he’s puking. Good shit.

Big money gambles in pingpong.

Hayvren: Your wallet is in my car.

Anyone who wasn’t around last night, tough shit. I gave up the Junior Chickens. You want to blame someone, blame anyone who ate 2.

EDIT: Oh yea, Justin I’m coming to T7 probably just as a cheerleader. I’ll bankroll Bry’s bets that you can’t handle yourself.

Bundy, if you want those programs lemme know, the sooner I know, the faster I can get em to you:tup:

Lessard; are you hosting again tonight?

eh, sure why not, people can reach whenever they want.

okay, people who have reached to my casuals in the past and those that will in the future, listin, i understand that when i have people over shit gets dirty, thats not rocket science. I dont mind cleaning up that no biggie, the only issue i have are the spills on the carpet. Now even i have made spills on my carpet, and didnt clean it up right away, i also know that i will probobly do it again and i also know that other people will also. but if you guys could just try to avoid dropping any alcohol on the carpet, id greatly appreciate it. I mention this now because ive spent about an hour today spot treating my carpet. I know i will have to do it again as shit does happen, i understand that, but if u guys could try say, when u fill a cup with coke or beer, dont fill it ALL the way to the top and then bring it downstairs, when obviously theres no way in hell that u wont spill some (lord magnus, u did this last night, as u came down with beer in a cup that was full, and i saw u spill a LOT of alcohol as soon as u came downstairs). Even putting ur alcohol on the table instead of on the floor where 25% people kick it over would be nice.

Again, i know shit goes down, but if people could try a little bit to avoid spilling, that would be great, i host once a week, and now that school is over for me, quite possibly more. I dont need to be using prosolve every morning for preventable stains.

on a completly separate note: SHU! my CVS2 is still out on loan under ur name buddy. Its been… i dont even know how long, and it was supposed to be for 3-4 days, not weeks. Please PLEASE bring that back. I dont know how i can trust u with stuff on loan if u cant bring it back at the time u promised u would. PLEASE DONT FORGET IF U COME TONIGHT!

My bad boss, i doubt i’m reaching tonight but i will make sure to get it back to you asap.

thx bro, just the next time u reach, if u have it that would be great

EDIT: Sorry, but unfortunetly im NOT hosting casual tonite! my apologies for saying yes then retracting it like an hour later. I do know that james is hosting tomorrow tho, so i shall see everyone then:tup:

hey lessard, if you don’t mind, I’ll drop by tonight as well.

Ok, man im prolly the worst decision maker ever, lol, as it seems i cant make one

casual is ON! bry and the lord are already over here, ill probobly be leaving around 11pm ish and comming back home around 2-3ish

so when i leave at 11, people can stay, james’ll be over here and i pretty much trust everyone that comes so its all good. Sorry for the confusion guys!

nice try poeta =P

:annoy: :sad: You have to do it again…and this time…I’ll be the first one at the table

GG’s with Noodleman

Justin - I’ll come if I can get a ride from someone…but like teddy and shu I’m gonna be on the sidelines cheering