Sauga July 2008 Thread (Happy Canada Day!)


Happy Canada Day.


so apparently some woman complained about how she got chaunced of cake a couple weeks ago when it was someones birthday, and now there will be no more celebrating of birthday’s here.

I think I’m gonna bring a crossword puzzle Stanley styles next time theres a meeting


???(??) self note


Teddy; are you off tonight? I’m hosting a Sit N Go starting at 7:30pm.


matt, how’s your mother doing.


classic jay


Better than yours.



wanted was pretty cool. worth checking out id say.


Matt’s a Luckbox.

Teddy is washed up.


The luckiest part was Cody leaving his lighter behind when I was looking for one.


I was almost tempted to join you guys last night. Then i remembered i had to work today.


So did I.


what is it like to win at poker?


it’s like not having to pay for sex. but i guess you’ve never experienced that either so it doesn’t really help you.




Does banging 12 year olds feel that good?


nice and tight.


awwww he went there:xeye:

so one of my friends diet for the first 5 or 6 hours of his day includes 4 or 5 cigarettes and 2 cups of coffee. can you say high blood pressure?


Thats sucha standard diet.