Sauga July Thread 2007



Happy Canada Day

Second post, I win for this month.

Fortunately, that’s the only thing you’ve been able to win all your life.

sounds like a plan, ill be back friday morning or afternoon, unless we get another flat tire on the way home, even tho im having a good time i still wish i was back home

Had a good day playing poker online, we decided to play all the sunday tourneys, I stunk it up in the Sunday warmup and Sunday Mill, but I cashed in the 2nd chance for about 500$ and the FTP 500k for about $1200.

btw if u guys go to vegas u have to see at least one cirque du soleil show, we saw the Beatles LOVE at the Mirage on Saturday, and the show was amazing, and some random pirate show at Caesar’s.

I think im about even or so minus expenses.

cirque du solei on mushrooms lol.

What a good movie.

knocked up was still one of the best comedies ever.

ps. we’ve GOTTA see that cirque du solei shit on mushrooms. that includes gerjay.

So yeah, my night tonight was INSANE to say the least. Like, what happened near the end is something I didn’t think would ever happen, its crazy.

Me and some highschool friends went out to watch Evil Dead the Musical, which was really good I might add, despite me never actually watching the movies. It was hilarious and had moments that had me in tears of laughter, too good.

Anyways, so after the movie we split up and some of us come back to the sq. 1 area to get some food. We get Wendy’s drive through and head to a high school field to eat it (I dunno what high school, somebody said father gates but I dunno). So anyways, there’s a gigantic track and baseball field with the lights on with a forest behind the field, and we decide to go there since its bright.

Well, as we get closer to the field we notice a group of 20-30 people on their knees in a huge circle, all with their heads bowed, wearing robes, with someone holding a large metal object walking around the circle constantly. I kid you not, I saw it with my own eyes. So, clearly we’re shocked at this whole scenario and decide to NOT eat in the field with the crazy cult.

We cross the field to the other side near a different entrance to the forest and eat there, but while walking we notice something we didn’t notice before, the moon is just starting to rise and is literally blood red. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but put into context its more creepy than anything I’ve ever seen in my life. We started on the left side of the field, where the moon was covered by the forest, but as we approached the middle (which would line us up with the cult and the moon) we understand that the part in the forest gives full sight of the moon.

As freaky as it is, we go to the entrance of the forest and eat our food. About half way through eating the gigantic baseball field lights turn off and it goes pitch black, and we notice the people proceed into the forest, putting an end to the most weird night of my life. We leave without another trace of them and realize that the moon has risen enough so it is no longer red, and is now the standard white and clearly visible over the forest top.

I’m still shocked. . .

i went on a cruise today, not as fun as seeing a cult fuck around with the moon

Speaking of cruises, I found out today that Tom Cruise is banned from Germany. I never knew they took such a strong stance against scientology. . .

LOL oh man…gerjay thats insane. i dont know what i would do. probably flash the norris signal (like the bat signal but for chuck norris) and have him RH kick everyone in half that looked scetchy.

If I was a Transformer I would definitely be this guy

lol CQ, too good.

I just lost about $50 in Bowling for like 8 hours, $2 games are too good.

I won the first one for $50 140-102
Lost the second 130-106
Lost the 3rd 110-108 (Pure chokejob at the end, it was the gayest game, it was literally like X-1-X-4-X-9-X-7.

We have to go bowling one time when we get back. No money has to be involved but I just learned how to spin it pretty decently. I just can’t hit a spare.

I’m also probably heading home early since our rent ends in about…2 hours. Time to start cleaning.

For those of you who think it’s going to be funny to bring Adil just to cause a scene, don’t bother. I’m going to be under enough stress over this weekend that I don’t need people who are supposed to be my friends going out of their way to cause an unnecessary problem.


even if no one brings adil with them he’s still gonna show up.

wouldnt it just be easier to let him in, i mean the comment u banned him for was clearly a joke, pretty redonkulous that he gets banned for that of all things, it would be more justified if u banned him for being ugly imo

The second half of transformers is the greatest thing to ever have existed… ever.