Sauga June 2006 Thread

Poof. :nunchuck:

Only for scoops


massive pleasure.


whats really good?

fuck naix

Handjobs from virgins.

I actually enjoy playing cvs2 on the side when mvc2 is slow, i was refered to by alot of players to use K groove, its nice no complaints. However when choosing a groove i actually took some time to read what options are available per groove and i noticed that “N” groove has the same features as K, but maybe 3 more extra things as well.

If this is the case, why am i being refered to using “K” when “N” groove already covers it?

mash back and level 3 raged supers > N-Groove.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so its just the parry:rolleyes: which makes the bigger difference in the end.

Did you see those videos on zachd, man Yipes is nuts wid magz.

Bryan congratulations on your match against Taiji.

I’m hosting tomorrow (friday), bring booze and money! :tup:

Obviously both Noodleman and Gerjay cheat in cvs2.

kgroove? well u also have that 30% increase in dmg with the rage meter…

everyone reach to emtc…DO IT!!!

I’ll probably come to your place late tonight lessard. I’ve only seen my gf once since i got back from NJ so I feel kinda bad especially if I dont see her tonight. I’ll swing by around 12:30 if u guys are still chilling which im sure you will be.

i’ll probably arrive at the same time or not at all.

I might drop by with no booze and barely any money… what times poker if you guys are playing?

back from hk, so much bullshit happened, not even funny.

having 1 police gun pointed at u, while the other cop was searching u in a crowded mok kon subway station = owned

btw, is emtc closed yet? want to play some cvs2

you’re damn straight!

a-blanka = cheating

25k chain lightning… even if he was buffed to shit and so many storm strikes on him… insane @_ @

Reach emtc at 1