Sauga June Thread 07


part 3 soon…guy

lord owns me for free at marvel

There’s a lesson to be learned. Don’t jump from bubbling a MTT right into a 1/2. No good can come of it.



sick fucks

Not for KFC Lord.


Roger said he was gonna reach to my house after the ranbats since the lord has no other way home. The Lord said he was gonna reach so I’m assuming he’s phoned bry 5 times already to tell him “yo guy we can chill at the ghosts house guy. guyyyyyyy!!uuugghhhhhhhh!” then fucking eat a jumbo sized shwarma in 3 bites and have shwarma sauce draining down his face saying “this shwarma is spicey guy!!” and sweating bullets cause the shwarma was ultra spicey thinking he’s the shit.

So msg me or call me when you get off work.


Thanks ghost will do. I look forward to the weekends so much now with work. I don’t smoke at all during the week so I get fucking retarded… its so awesome.

Gonna smoke a fat blunt to my face… GUY! Maybe a backwoods if someone wants to split a pack.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: If I had premium I’d rep you instantly for this post :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


oh my god

this is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

Poeta you’ll burst out laughing at this if you watch it with sound, so I suggest not watching it at work. :rofl::lol:

Now i’m hungry for some shawarmas.

Also Matt and Gerjay, you know noobnoun owns you for free. That was one of the more brilliant things i’ve done recently.

EDIT: I’m still laughing. :rofl: So horrible…

…too late for that shit. :rofl:

…that went well.

So what, you’re kickin some thing at your base tonight Matt? I might end up reachin downtown but all that shit is up in the air atm. Just lemee know over MSN or SRK (post your cell if over srk) and i’ll reach down with some beer and dope assuming the downtown shit flops. I was just telling bry i gotta see you boys.

Teddy/ Gerjay sign up for MvC1. I know for a fact you’re both good, and in all honesty Sauga will probably rock the show. Any one else that plays, sign up. Every one is gonna be so outa practice in that game any one could win. Gerjay thinks he’s tough but his red venom is noob if you can tech hit.

Arturo is coming, we lose.

jiggabeast is too good

Fuck u ghost!!!
I eat a fuckin spicy shwarma cuz i like my food spicy unlike u eating the most plain shit, u did’nt wana even reach subway that time cuz u say u dont like it or some other bs, who does not like subway!!!Honestly!!!

I wouldnt talk if i were u about etiquette’s at all at the table, im fucking so disgusted to my stomch watching u eat it is the worst thing i have ever seen asiad from your marvel game, marvel scrub+food scrub= EX_MATT

PS:I fucking hate u for not giving me those papes, now cuz of u i could have been Blazed right now cept i gota walk to buy papes now, wich cost pennys and u would’nt even link me 2 more cuz your a cheap piece of shit.

o no, anything but walking!

So you’re running your mouth to the guy that let you come over last night? Kepp digging man, you’ve almost hit 6 feet.