Sauga June Thread 07

lol no wonder he got banned from T8. I think its more of how he acts towards everyone else and not just Justin.

I dont really give a fuck if you’re disgusted by how I eat. I beast on food because I eat when I’m hungry. I’m not trying to fit in meals inbetween breakfast and lunch here. I’m also so offended that you pointed out I eat plain food. Like when we order a shwarma and you get yours extra spicey, thats sucha huge innovative order compared to mine. I mean I only get medium spicey, sucha huge difference right? You order yours extra spicey then cry like a bitch and sweat like a pig.

You’ve walked home from the Jigga’s house before and you’re pissed that you had to walk across the street?:rofl::rofl: Oh right its my fault you cant keep a pack of zig zags on you.

i’m disgusted at large magnus’s english. It puts my engrish to shame.

and give him a break guys, walking is hard for the lord. he’s used to having his chauffeur driving him around all over the place.

The Lord doesn’t have a chauffeur.

He has a chair that sits upon a platform hoisted by a small platoon of servents

(for image reference see 300, Xerxes)

James: Hit me up on msn when you get back suckaaaa

I wonder if the servants start beeping when they go in reverse…it’s a pretty heavy load.

You guys are merciless. :rofl:

oh man, noodles ftw. that shit was fucking awsome.

part 3 while im still alive please

I seriously think you guys are going too far with Magnus.

Enough with these fucking harsh ass blows. Some shit you guys are saying really warrants a nice swift kick in the teeth. I’m usually not one to tell people to stop talking shit, considering I love to talk tons of shit, but you guys are taking this too far lately.

When I actually feel bad for someone based on what I read on SRK u KNOW its gone a little too far…

PS: James I booked off June 15th for your cottage. If we can’t go I’m literally gonna choke you to death kthx.

Oh and also… I REALLY wanted to head up there on thursday night. The drive will be so quick and we’ll be able to have way more time up there instead of waking up on friday and starting the trip. I figure we can be up there by 10 on thursday, smoke a few blunts, make a fire outside and have a few beers. We’ll stop and eat at some place on the way and that way when we wake up on friday we got all our unpacking done and we can start off with an uber breakfast :slight_smile:

:rofl: This is made way more funny because I can actually picture Poeta doing this. :rofl:


Ya come on James. If this is happening let me know by the end of the week.

it IS happening… it has to happen. IT WILL HAPPEN!

its happening. ive told you this. june 15th. book it off.

bet it.

$50. pay for my weed and alcohol for the weekend.

edit: to anyone whos seen bleach, is it worth watching? ive sort of run out of anime and was considering this. i dont wana watch it if its anything short of fucking awsome.

I heard Bleach is really good.

James i told u like 7 years ago to watch bleach.

Green’s having a house party and everyones invited!!

Yes and I will be stealing 90 dollars from you for lost wages could have been made =P

One problem with that is I get off work at 11:15 :frowning:

poeta what were u calling me about this morning