Sauga March 07 Thread

i’m an idiot. and i can’t seem to delete this.

oh god, so much failure.

Heroes and Top Gear.


Da fuck.

Had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t really March.

I guess this shows how bad people want to make this monthly.

I say we get…275 posts this month

lets see how many people will chime in on my epic failure before March actually starts.

danm smarch weather

Sauga thread is where it’s at.

An early start means we should aim for the biggest amount of SPAM…EVAR.

I dunno, the last thread took it outta me.

yea, me too, i worked too hard for that candy bar.

Weak! I demand someone provide a better prize this time!

NO, NO NO, NO spam

Only 275 posts.

Does it have to be EXACTLY 275?

Yes, we failed at under 25, we owned at over 500, lets get exactly 275 this month.

just start editing posts once we reach 275 posts.

Someone will ruin it, for sure.

looks around with evil stare

we have enough posts to delete amongst ourselves to control the post population

Have your posts spayed or neutered…

Get your MAT moustaches ready