Sauga March Thread

think this is like the 2nd time i create a sauga thread in 5 years…

And definately not the last time you speak in broken asian engrish.

Beat me to it. :tup:

i think i hate everything


sinep is penis spelt backwards.

Yeah goodluck to those entering the tournament, i’m sure the usual results will be happening as usual.

CVS2 1P FP and 2p Short is busted.

We opened up the machine and ran the input test, 1p fierce seems to be permanently in the “on” state, while short doesn’t register on the 2p side.

Also, apparently Skybox doesn’t get tech support anymore… at all.

So yeah, cancel cvs2.


Considering the state of Skybox, I think it migh be best if we scrapped the tourney.

I was talking to Noodleman though and if you guys want to still have a tourney, you’re all welcome over here. I’d have people over from Noon - 8pm but no later as I already have plans. If you’re interested then let me know and I’ll put the day aside.

id be down. i might even be able to drive…except i dont want to because 1way streets can eat my bum

I’ll come, we can run small poker on the side too, right? Can probably expect all of sauga to show up.

high stakes poker, 20sac entry fee

i want to go if i can get a ride.

Maybe you guys need to start hosting tournaments at shoppers world.


Hahaha good one.

24 game is sick.

must i bring this up again?

Brampton > Sauga.

Only at sucking.

today and tomorrow is all that really counts