Sauga march thread


This is my thread bitch




im tired.






You must be talkin to jo mamma.

Anyway; Somebody have a CT on Friday.




i’ll third that. If it’s possible someone please hold a CT. Skybox is dead.


Random funny story:

    We had a half day today, so me and a few of my friends decided to go to this girl kandices house. We were chillen for a while, and right when we were about to go out and bun, her aunt comes home. Luckily we have a friend who lives just down the street who's rents are gone for a week, so we start to walk over there.

     On the way there, we cross paths with a skunk. We name him stinky, and try to avoid him as best we can, but this skunk kept on waling with us 9from a far distance of  course. One of my friends gets fed up with this dumb skunk and startrst to run at it. He then proceeds to run away from the skunk when he realizes it aint gonna move. We sneak by the skunk MGS styles, and arive at the guys house.

We go to his bathroom to run a hot box. It’s only about half way thropugh the “hotbox” that i realize the window’s open. I ask the guy what the deal is, and he starts goin on abiout how it’s so much better with the window open (which if you smoke weed, you know is a complete lie).

After the Hotbox we realize that this guy, who is normaly pretty nice, is a HUGE bitch about his house. We go in the back of his house and in a high state of mind, we decide it would be jokes if we started throwin snowballs at his windows. We bomb the place with at least 10 snowballs, beofr the guy comes out, lookin really pissed of.

Guy: What the fuck are you doing?

Me; throwin snow balls

Guy: Why

Me: it’s funny

Guy: You think thats funny!/ thatsd not funny.

He goes back inside, and we proceed to bombard his house with more snow balls.

This time he comes out in a more reasonable mood, and asks us nicly to not throw snow any more. We decide to stop, and we think the funb is done, but it’s not.

One of my friends picks up a snaowball, throws it at me, i dodge it, and it hits the window dead on.

The guy comes out screamin and yellin about how he’s gonna call the cops, and how were fuckin stupid. At one point i honestly thought he was gonna burst into tears. We all have a good laugh, grab our shit, leave, and go back to Kandice’s, who had a better basment any way…

And thats my half day, some one throw a CT now…


this name reeks of creativeness


:lol: :lol: im blooming!:lol: :lol:


:lol: very punny


HAHAHAAHAHA:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

never gonna happen:lame:


Good pun (one)


The Punk Off:

     Me, J, Dj, and a few other people were chilling at the corner (a corner of a building by the pit that blocks the wind) after school. These black guys walk in and start askin for weed. All of a sudden, they punk dj's cell phone. They then take Jordan's dime after a long strugle, and take his smokes (but give them back for some reason). They then go after me, trying to take my cd player. I've never been punked befor, and i didnt plan on gettin punked now. I wrapped my hands around my shit and didnt let go. One of them slammed my head into a wall, but it didnt even hurt. These guys were reall pussys, but had strength in numbers (hard to do any thing when theres like 6 hands reachin for your shit)

      My freinds saw the whole thing happening, and when they started fucking with me, every one came to help. They weren't so tough when there we 30 guys ready to scrap em. They book it, we go after them, and they drive away.

Hopin they come back tommorow so we can beat the fuck out of em, and smash their car. On the a side not, the security gaurd there said he’ll let us beat em up.


hayvren’s owning bry in story dept. most cuz his are true :lol:

some1 PLZ hold some casual or a ct…i wana try some shit out before i play g3nn for money


you got 30 ppl to jump them, and u still cant get dj and jordan stuff back?


we didnt jump them, they ran away. we went after them, but they got in they’re car and drove away. i’m hoppin the come back, so we can punk all their clothes.


maybe cuz like…they dont smoke!

EDIT: Everyone should DL the vid of X winning $100 of a coin toss, he looks like he’s gonna have a seizure it’s so funny.


haha when hayvren came up to me and poeta after school and started the story i thought it was gonna be another “So this kid came up to me and said Yo, your gay! and then I said WHAT THE FUCK!?”

hahaha that was the great story ever.