Sauga May 07 Thread


…you bastard.

Get the fuck out off my thread u basterd!!!


so im downloading the third naruto movie. betcha it sucks the most.
ps. just saw the new thread lawl.



blunts. discuss.

Much to harash for casual enjoyment, best saved for rare foggy Forest sessions.

May blows.

i wasn’t aware that you’ve changed your name to Sauga for this to be “your” thread. Just cause you’ve gained enough weight to cover all of Sauga doesn’t really make you “Sauga”.

Area x volume

:confused: That’s a bit harsh. That’s a comment worthy of like the third page of a flame war, not an opening post. :confused:

Noodle is fierce.

on blunts:
yea theyre cool. theyre like a white piece of turd. except for the wet mango wraps
those are sex
discuss further

i wana smoke a blunt. bry where is your jigga-ass.

FUCK U!!! SHMUCK!!!:arazz:
PS:Jeez i got my hands on this hash this shit is bomb i felt like i couldnt move, such a nuts body buzz guy!
Edit: KEEP THE LORD THREAD ALIVE, these mafuckas are trying to get rid of the lords thread we gota keep that shit up!!!

I got a better idea, let’s not post in that thread.

Thanks =P


Wow… Congrats Poeta. That’ll be some sick experience…

Thanks man. I’m really excited about it. My boss pulled me aside today and told me that he really liked me and wanted me to “go places in the company” so thats why he gave me the promotion. The company is so new and in the past year its doubled the amount of employees. They got a HUGE office about 8 months ago and we’re already full. We’re tearing apart a few extra board rooms because we’re out of space to put new people that we’re hiring.

So if I keep working my ass off I figure I’ll get a pretty nice position as soon as the company needs to expand again. The more people that are hired… the more supervisors. My boss told me I was good management material and that he sees a lot of potential in me based on how hard I’ve been working to move up the ranks so quickly.

So ya I’m REALLY excited… this random job could turn into a whole career for me O_O.

PS: I got a buyer for my car today and my dad told me I could have his if I wanted to take over the last year of payments. Should be seeing me in a much nicer car within a few weeks =).

My fuckin lucky day it seems… ahhh!=)