Sauga May Thread 2008

Yay, another month, another thread.

Last thread was flop.

Poeta needs to call some one out or some thing. Who’s been grinding your gears Chris?

Your thread got jacked noodle…I’ll stay here if you will.

Yeah, don’t let CURT muscle you out. FIGHT THE POWER.

He already bowed down to my thread earlier this morning. His thread will not survive. It’s about 8 hours too young to defeat the first.



Side note:

When I saw public enemy live, they were told that their set had went on for too long. Flava’s reaction was to perform fight the power, then spend 5 minutes bringing his whole family out on stage, introduce all of them, then do 2 more songs.

Edit: Weed march is this Saturday at queens park. If you guys miss another one I’m going to loose all faith in Sauga SF (you know who you are).

I gotta post in this thread cause its obviously the real one.

sauga should have more taco bells imo

i’ll be there:tup:
this saturday right?

Has anybody ever been to the planet bowl on eglinton (it is a little past dixie)?

Friends were telling me that they have a semi decent arcade, but they couldn’t tell me whether there was any fighters or if it was just DDR and shit. They did mention they saw a Neo Geo cab, but I figure it is just for metal slug. Has anybody ever checked it out?

You got it. If you boys wanna mission I’m game. Its a 10 minute drive to kipling, and a 15 minute mission to queens park. If it’s raining then fuck it, but if it’s sunny skies then lets fuckin run it.

A small story from tonight:

Me: so what are you sayin
Random: I do voices for cartoons
Me: no shit? What have you worked on
Random: Well I worked on samurai jack
Me: serious eh? i fucking love samurai jack
Random: Oh yea, i came over here to voice act when i was 18. I’m from New Zealand originally.
Me: No joke eh?

Me (to a friend): Yo buddy, You gotta meet samurai jack
Friend: Oh yea right, whats up man?
Random: Oh man, i got over here when I was 12, and you Canadians still make me laugh.
Me: I thought you came here when you where 18?
Random: Naw, i came over here from Germany when I was 12
Me: :bluu:

i thought you didnt get back till monday? :confused:

fucking brampton and their shitty ass highway and their garbage ass streets. not to mention I’m getting rick rolled at the hotel I’m stealing internet from. Can it get any worse

garbage ass streets? please explain.

He works @ Dixie & Steeles. Nuff said

streets are THAT bad around there…

and instead of thread merge your inferior sauga thread just got owned/closed.

well its tomken n steeles but i think its almost the same.

I think these hotel people are on to me im just watching poker and they’re just staring at me. I told them I would be waiting for someone till 7-7:30 but theres nothin goin on so they just watch me

yea, that part is a bit worse…still not as bad as some of the roads i have the pleasure of driving my Z in…Word of advice, stay off 427Southbound unless you NEED to drive on it.

lol i’m thinking of just taking derry from now on cuz i fucking lose it everytime i deal with traffic even without freak ass accidents like the one today