Sauga May Thread

I’m not quite sure why you guys didn’t take the time to do this while you were thaking James for his apparently awesome casual/poker so I went ahead and made this thread.

#gtasf on efnet. UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!

I’m not going to Michigan. My car won’t survive the trip.

Who’s going to the weekly this Friday?

stop making a sauga thread when u are not from sauga

Yeah, James’ casual like always is awsome. =D Poker was a lot of fun and we should do that shit more often. Beer + poker > other games…except maybe beer + lan + WoW.

Mr. Triad speaks the truth. Only reason i didn’t make it is because my computer clock was telling me it was the 24th of April. :xeye:


If I left it up to you, you’d still be posting in April thread for a week. :tup:

EDIT: I got my intoduction to Naruto today watching the movie. It was pretty fun though I didn’t see what was so remarkable about it. I’m sure you all would have a vested interest in seeing the flick more than I would. It was a nice way to burn 1 and 1/2 hours but I doubt I’ll watch this entire series.

the tracker for the movie is down or something, wtf…

ps. garenteed the series > the movie, just because they couldnt possibly have anything ground breakingly exciting in the movie without adding something new or giving away parts of the story.

CFJ Team Canada final spot qualifying tourny

Date: Friday, May 20th
Location: Orbit
Time: 6pm - 7pm sign-ups, 7:30pm start.
Fee: Same as last time.

Excluded from this tourny of course are the current members of Team Canada, CFJ.

If there’s not enough entrants, Round Robin Format will be in effect.

Winner gets the 5th spot on Team CFJ Canada, and a mystery prize!

Friday the 13th :badboy:

i’ll show up this Friday and next Friday also :tup:

did they already have team canada for marvel? =/

NEW EPISODE OF FAMILY GUY ON TODAY AT 9:00!!! Gonna be freakin ill
Yea, casual was ill! best part was me takin everyones money :smiley: Takin all that stuff from james’s took ferever, all the sytesms, game, food, drinks, alcohol, poker set, was mine, including the blade trinity copy that the winner of MVC2 won (GERJAY *cough *cough). Best time ive had in a while tho, were so doing that again! :tup: Thanks to Poeta fer drivin us to lcbo, cant believe the guy wouldn’t sell to us because if we all bring up the beer, that automatically makes us the drinkers of it. There were 4 boxes of beer, how was CQ supposed to bring it all up, o well, ppl are fags.

P.S. about brown ppl driving, CANT compete with chinese, OMG i wanna shoot their tires when their doin 35- down glen erin. Younger generation not so bad, its the ones who havent lived here all their lives, like someone just said.


Don’t deny who you are. :karate:

its common sauga knoledge that yuhin is a triad gangster, i mean cummon! just look at him!! and his names yuhin!!!

ps. teriyaki turkey jurky is the fucking worst, if i didnt get this shit for free id send it back with the shit i already ate puked up in the bag and ask for a refund =/

lol its funny cuz someone actually suggest he get it cuz its “good”.

Is anyone driving from Sauga to the CFJ qualifiers on the 13th? I’ll pay gas. Kevin? Yu-Hin?

dunt know. if nothing comes up i guess i go. but u know me. i do everything last min

i figured cfj died off and no1 played it, how popular is it in North America?
cuz to be honest, cfj without kenji > cvs2

:wow: …

I’m hosting casuals at my place tomorrow from 11:00am to 4:00pm. you’re actually welcome to come earlier but no later as I have to prep dinner and I have evening plans. But yeah, if you have the time and a way up please drop in for games.