Sauga May Thread

niggas is decaf, we stick em for the cream

but its not even may yet…:confused:

doesnt matter. The other thread was made so many hours early and by some guy I don’t even know.

I’ll stick with this thread =)

PS: I’m so sick of dota its not even funny. Going to format my computer tomorrow… probably not reinstalling wc3 for a while

who wants to start playing the following on the side of dota:

  • UT 2004 or 2003
    -battlefield…the new one
    -anything thats free, isnt a shitty mmo like rose online and isnt some hacked wow server…on second thought…hacked wow sounds fun… :smiley:

Ask them originals cause they know.

Holy shit, hook me up with a copy and i’ll play that so HORD.

I used to play it a lot back in the day, dunno where my copies gone. M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!

I play bf2 mostly on planetbf2’s ihop 56 plrs

been wanting to learn ut2k4 for awhile, I’ll pick it up if you guys will.

ZOOOOOOOMS. Saw some intense visuals…I was looking at the laptop and it started breathing. A couple of times I lost grasp of reality…In between I was going into a bad trip but change of environment solved that… maybe i should write a log.

Definately not posting in the other thread.

You guys should play some DotA.


me so horny.

we should do something today. ive got loot and a fat sac of grizzle @_@

I’d be down as long as we watch 24!

Mind takin my name outa your post shu? My aunts read this bord befor, and was not impressed with some of the shit she read.

I remember that. . . kinda jokes but not really at the same time.


so apparently my jam was REALLY REALLY loud and my neighbours are ULTRA pissed, and have decided to call the cops the next time shit goes down (this comming from josh). So in reality theres only one thing i can do… read up on my rights for when my cops come and try to crash something.
Even if there is a noise complaint i dont think they can enter ur house, as long as ur like, oh no prob, ill turn it down, thank u very much…

so apparently my jam was REALLY REALLY loud and my neighbours are ULTRA pissedQUOTE]

i could hear it from the end of the street when i was walking home tat day.

Oh man… HAHA.

i was completely unaware of the noise level, mind u… i was trashed out of my mind… lol, i dont even plan on having any more parties, and im pissed that sandy made it that big when i said “10 people is fine, NO MORE THEN 15!” and then its more then double that.