Sauga May Thread

Post here. Matt remember to call if im not awake. later

james talk to me tomorrow morning u gotta pitch a nice piece

Goodluck to all of you guys tommorow.:wink:

I got a message from Ricardo saying the repair guy came late Friday evening so I can only assume that MvC2 was fixed as requested.

I’ll be at Pizza Pizza this morning at 11:00am to pick up Chris Q and Gerjay.

Gerjay; I need you to print brackets (3 sixteen man and 2 thirty two man) as I am completely out of ink and need to buy some when I got out later today.

Should be a fun time, there is rep from every region coming for an ECC9 tune up.

Ive been bleeding for about 50 minutes now… I dont think thats very good @_@

anyone thats not going… come to emtc lol. Me and dirty are going if anyone wants to show up.


you’re vacuum cleaner ate my pants there was nothing i could do

yo dirty m what do u look like i might come ^_^…hafta meet girl neways and i gotta go buy a bench for myself

Dude I’m the only 100% Black male who usually plays at emtc:p .
You can’t miss me I’m too commercial, I dunno I just stand out like that. Unfortunatly I usually don’t get as much wins, as my ahem, goodlooks. :stuck_out_tongue:

kicks dirtym

okay when are u leaving to emtc then?!?!

edit: also hit me up on msn or aim
msn :
aim : shadowhunterx2k or captainboner2

Sorry dude, Chris and I went earlier today, hmm I think it was around like 1:40ish or something. Anyways I’m gonna add you know aight, peace!

What are the fucking odds that an A-J Suited (Spades) Would lose to a A-J off-fucking-suit (diamond/heart)?

what a waste of a day. Woodbine was crappy.

Matt can tell the Gerjay-Byron story tho

EDIT: Quick log

read sig justin!

yea that black guy was so weird…does anyone know him? he beat me once in casual and kept tellin me how i could improve and shit…

Man Matt was complaining the whole time he was high! he wasn’t happy at all. He was either laughing his ass off or talkin about his high from last night.

Thanks for blazing me james, thanks to matt for the ride and losing so we could go home. Thanks to Bry for beating ROC in one set.

PS: Matt’s seatbelts are crap

that was a fun tourny, Casual after was fun too :D. It was cool meeting The Cait, Steve and Byron, nice guys.

So many good moments in casual lol. Everybody was pretty much dead at the end up it. Especially Bry.

frustrating tourney, lotsa upsets @@
i can never beat roc >
emtc > woodbine

the CAIT?!?

its THE CATE! ahahaha well gg’s to all and hopefully that was what I needed to motivate me to train harder and become better :stuck_out_tongue:

haha my bad :stuck_out_tongue: Im used to final fantasy 7 where theres a character named cait :stuck_out_tongue:

GerJay Byron Story??

I was bad buzzing ??

My strategic driving made up for the lacking of seatbelts.


OMG I just remembered the Gerjay Byron story.

Me, Teddy and gerJay goto get food in the foodcourt. So we’re eating our food (thats where I had burger king which I also just remembered [it was driving me nuts]). So we’re just chilling and Byron comes outta nowhere and puts his water on the table and says hes gotta goto the washroom (me and teddy swore he looked and winked at gerjay). Then like 15seconds later GerJay gets up and is like “uhh I’ll goto the bathroom to.” Instanly me and teddy were cracking jokes about how suspicious they seemed and how gay events are probably going on. Then Byron walks out of the bathroom and has this funny look on his face and was walking almost like a cat burgaler while me and teddy are going nuts laughing. Then I say "watch gerjay come out a few minutes after to try and cancel the suspiciousness of it all. Then sure enough he comes out and we’re laughing at him the whole time.

So thats the GerJay Byron story. IT was so much funnier back then . . I wonder why :rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes: :confused:

:lol: Best… story… ever. OK maybe not best ever but at least for the day. :lol:

I think the Nagata Lock and the Chair story is much better.

that that story!:lol:

Jason’s face was priceless. “Why are you both laughing at me?” :lol:

2 days till europeeeeee