Sauga November Thread

Teddy I need to talk to you
Ps. Im not coming tom. I have an 9 hour shift so I can’t really come but Im, still the alternate person

Jason is a scammer in CvS2. :mad:

I own Jason in 3S (beating Urien wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be). :cool:

Did Bryan eventually show up? :confused:

Is everyone going to be at Teddy’s tomorrow? Team BCC is going to Shoppers World for 3S training but might show up afterwards if anyone is available.

I dont mean to sound like a prick, but I also dont really care since im pissed off right now, but Teddy sort of actually invited certain people to come over, instead of everyone just crashing in at his house. I dont think he wants 10+ poeple over like that one day.

Yes i invited the marvel team. Those who are part of it come, those who arent can do their own thing. BYE.

No offence ramy but why the hell would you be alternate, i’m not even here for the tourny and i’d make a better alternate than you. that drinking bird from the simpsons would make a better alternate than you.

Not that it really matters, being “alternate” is just for show any way. theres no way any one from the team is gonna miss the tourny.

Teddy i might reach tommorow (i know i’m not on the team, but i need sumtin to do tommorow) I rented a pretty good anime, so i’ll link you that if i come.

That’s my bad. I phrased my last statement badly. I meant to say that Team BCC may come up to Skybox after Shoppers World. I’d never crash Teddy’s place, especially after all that stuff that happened last month (or two months ago?) where people were literally walking into his house uninvited. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes we just wanted to make Ramy feel good :slight_smile:

Hayvren: Come any other day but today. I need practice and more people = less practice.

2 running animes is enough for me anyways :slight_smile:

lol, I’ll be there at 1:ish

bah fine, now i have nuthing to do.

im hopefully comming around 5-5:30

also, i dont see the problem with letting ppl try as much as they want since i cant see the team changing anyways, just MO

if thats how you feel then isnt just a waste of time to let people keep trying to get on the team, when that time could be spent practicing? my opinion is that we should only have one shot get on the team. Not only will this preserve time for practice, it’ll also simulate the pressure that will be present during the team tourny cause how one plays during a pressure situation is a major factor of tourny play.

Why do you guys keep argueing over who’s going to be on the team and shots at a spot when the team is already set in stone? If anyone of the five originally chosen were to lose they’d just get another shot at it anyway so why not just practice as a unit? I brought this up with I think Gerjay and Bryan over a month ago when the MvC2 5 on 5 first came up and they both agreed working as a team early and learning as much as you can from each other is the best route.

And with all due respect:

Havren won’t show for that tournament

J won’t win and if by some act of God he does win then he’ll lose the spot right back.

Ramy won’t show (I’ll put money down his mom won’t let him go)

So take the team you have and work together.

BTW, I hope you guys sort out how you’re actually getting to ORBIT. Kevin hasn’t shown an inkling of wanting to attend and Yuhin hasn’t said a word either leaving Bryan’s mom to somehow take five people in the car (because no one wants to bus it to Pacific Mall outside of Matt).

I’m not going cause i’m goin to montreal (most likely) when the tournaments happenin. but that doesnt mean i dont want to see if i can actualy make it on the team.

The fact is we may all use the same basic stradegies for each character, but we impliment them in different ways. Granted the top 5 playing each other would generate the most skill improvement, but things can still be learned from people who are not on the team cause we all play diferently. Plus its kind of unfair to not give every one a chance to be on the team, thats usuming to much.

Matt will drive.

I am a beast

hmmm work as a team ?? What do you think me bry teddy and jason did all summer ?? Theres nothing wrong with our playing ability except our execution is a little off (we discovered it tonight) The only difference is that james has gotten better, and Teddy got worse. Its nothing a little practice wont balance out. Im just wondering why you’re concerned as to how we’re getting there. I mean if you were coming with us then I’d understand, but you’re not. You’re not even part of sauga or the SAUGA 5on5 teams. So why do you care how we get there ?? A Huge mission on the bus / subways is actually a good time when you’re with a group of friends. And I’m most likely driving and bringing who I can. Its not like orbit is some un-reachable place where you cannot get there without the company of someone over the age of 20.



ps. i may have gotten better but teddy still placed ahead of me

I wana learn IM >_<

My execution is worse than watchin the leafs play against the flyers.

I wanna learn CvS2 again, I just realized my guile is pretty good. Just need to learn how to deal with blanka

I’m willing to hold another thing…but keep it shorter. I can’t watch/play games for 7 hrs.

If anyone cares, we had a round robin tourney.

Bry - 4-0 - Row
Me - 2-2 - MSS-a
Jason - 2-2 - Santhrax
James - 2-2 - Storm/Cable/Capcom
Matt - 0-4 - MSP/doom

I lose to James but I beat Gerjay, Gerjay beats James and loses to me, James beats me and loses to Gerjay.

We then had a 3 man round robin to determine second

Gerjay - 2-0
Me - 1-1
James - 0-2

quite easy to find out what happens here. after this i’m not sure anyone cared but bry killed gerjay. I dont know what happened cuz i was on the comp.

Guile users: How do u play against cammy and blanka? Besides the unstoppable roll roll flashkick i’m stuck for ideas.

both cammy and blanka counters guile haha

but i guess u can try to keep them away, as soon as they get close to u, alpha counter out.
dunt throw sonic boom at poking range