Sauga "Puns are for Losers" April Thread 2008

Seriously, puns for FTL.

Shameless promotion for the month of April.

Looks like she got April fooled.

I think the guy is more a of a fool with his hair like that.

Worst thread title ever.

this thread is gonna be a good one

Best April Fools ever.


Is the lord the champ yet?

$1200 from taxes ftw!

make me wonder how the black guy didn’t see the girl in the first place.

Too much monenamum

he didn’t even try to stop or dodge, just plowed her right over. He barely made an effort to move his arms to block the chick.

edit: wtf is monenamum?

Well, in a race you normally look down for the first few steps and bring your head up slowly to reduce wind resistance and propel you forward a bit. If you look at his head you can see hes looking at his feet, then when he looks up its too late and he smashes into her.

edit: Also you can see at the end that he brings his left arm up to block her but again its already too late.

I’m pretty sure curt ment Momentum.

I’m pretty sure Jason just suckered you into replying to his stupid question.


Since we’re talking about spelling…

Jason didn’t bait Matt into replying, he was asking a serious question.

Then he needs to watch more Fresh Prince.

If TOSF still gave out stupid points, I’d definitely get it.

I get a call at work. A customer is complaining that a technician didn’t show up to her house. So I open up her file and see it was booked for April 1st. Then the following conversation ensues:

Me: Hey boss, I need an escalated tech for tomorrow. Some idiot booked a tech for April 1st instead of March 1st.

Boss: Yeah? So?

Me: Yeah…

Boss: …

Me: …

Boss: You can go back to work now

Me: :shake:

Sounds like you had a dropthesky moment. A little too much “son” where the sun don’t shine.