Sauga September Thread 2008

One of the perks of being a mod is to lock the old threads instantly rather than have the clutter of people not realizing it’s a new month.

I’ll be at Ribfest around 3:30pm and hosting casual after that.

^ He’s gone mad with power all ready.

Teddy gimmie a ride to curts and back.

lol at the graph… lightning hit the transmitter at 210k hands.

Fuck people who shove liquor in your face when you’re drinking beer.

Teddy, give me a ride too!

Someone PM me teddy’s number please

I was just in Toronto I coulda scooped you but yea…

I dunno if I’m even going anymore i need a nap I’ve been up since 5.

If you guys aren’t coming then I need to know within the next 1/2 hour so I can make new plans and Noodleman doesn’t waste his time coming all the way down here with only one person for comp.

Ya I wasn’t serious. I’m not wiling to bus back to Toronto tonight.

I need a Dreamcast and at least one converter and/or stick as Vanny is possible not to attend and he’s got the usual DC related gear.

fuck marvel

bah forget it then I’m not reaching

Steve aoki ethered the tent.
avb did his thing, he played till 8:30 ish and then everything just …plugged off. I’m not sure if that was part of the deal but yeah I was barely awake at that point.
Wtf at guv’s speaker/stage/fog system. It was so rediculous for a small room like that. Mark knight was too good.

all about benassi’s room

super cold air + the white cloud…sooooo godlike.

yeah guv’s room was insane.

september is gonna rock

1-1 :stuck_out_tongue:

it would’ve been so sick if i beat teddy home.

O8 gives. O8 takes away.

O8 or 08

2-1 lol

fucking $100 clickers asdsfsdgdfgdfgdfg

EDIT: I got to class late and there were no seats. lol ryerson. so I just left.