Sauga September Thread

Pure ownage. Did you eventually get them to open the box?

I continue to need 3S practice. With Gerjay leaving and the fact that I tend to beat Kevin by a good 3:1 ratio at this point (no disrespect Kevin, you still own me horribly in AE) I’m looking to Matt and Jiggabry for a slightly higher level of 3S competition to take my game up.

I’ve gotten better, thank you ps2 3s :stuck_out_tongue: And playing Ron at Orbit.

Yea I did Justin lol…well not really.

I went home and came back 3 hrs later…where the stupid ass box STILL wasn’t open. I asked them if they could and they said wait 15 mins. So i went to play some marvel, where low and behold…ANOTHER INITIAL D MACHINE YEA. And finally, the best game of all time. NFL fucking blitz with the NBA showtime logo! God Bless EMTC.

But yes I got it, and I’m considering getting the anniversary collection when I saw the price was only like $40.

Star Ocean 3 One hour review: Crazy Battle system like always, music is cool. Dialogue is fuckin annoying. Gah. Pick text :frowning:

Justin play my ghetto chun sometime.

His Chun is ghetto. But it’s funny watching him mash the fierce and talking his shit to himself. Teddy is pure jokes.

haha poor Teddy

We shall have a G. Makoto vs G. Chun battle someday. :clap: :karate:

And ChrisQ: Get your ghetto ass channel on efnet. So I don’t have to keep switching servers whenever i want to join. BTW, why is it on Quakenet anyway? #capcom, #srkgd, #tosf etc. are on efnet.

So I let my cousin (Josh, but I think only Hayvren knows him) play SO3 for a bit while I watched (I was mainly tired from playing most of the night)

“Where do I go?”
“Just play the goddamn game”

So after about 30 mins of asking stupid questions, and skipping all the fucking text behind the story, and not understanding the story…

“Make sure to save in slot 2”

All I hear is him mashing x and an “Uh oh”

Yay, my 6 hr game was deleted. And I have to start over.



Mashing X lol.

Reminds me of when i mashed buttons at the bank machine and withdrew half my bank account.

you don’t have to keep switching just type /server -m servername and it will open a new server window in the same client.

CE Bison = The broken shit.

Cable/Sent/Cyke = More Broken Shit

3s is kinda fun

If anything is going down today, drop me a message. Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll probly be sleeping till around 5ish. :tup:

Who wants to go to Orbit today around 1pm?

JS will be there. I need to pick up A3 and crush people in AE.

damnit…so early
i wanted to come to also crush people in AE :nunchuck: :smokin:

edit: i MIGHT be holding some summer’s end casual tomorrow(sat) so stay tuned…same bat time, same bat channel :tup:

thanks a lot james :frowning: Me and Jason are moving in on sat.


bry: i give u the 10 bux ether tomo or the day after. sorry about the delay. sort of skip my mind cuz was too busy with stuff

Peace and good luck to Teddy and Jason, and whoever else is heading out to uni. See you guys in the winter :karate: :tup:

Good luck to Teddy and Jason as they leave home. If you rmeember one thing from me remember this: DON’T PLAY SF AT UNIVERSITY BECAUSE THERE’S ABOUT A BILLION BETTER THINGS TO DO!

good luck to all the ppls goin to uni and dont forget to mack all the uni sluts :tup:

anyone know the song they change to at the end of the “D Block” video?