Saulabi for xp help

Just got my Saulabi online stick and the only thing it detects is the stick movements but not the buttons. The drivers CD and the instructions that come with it are all in Korean and the CD wont autorun. When I try to run the driver instalation manually I get an aborting proccess error. I’m so anxious to try it out and it feels like shit to be having this problem. I tried teh search tool but came up short.

Does you stick click when you move it around? If not, you probably will want to mod that sucker with an actual Fanta stick and Crown buttons. ask laugh for more info. For drivers, I think someone actually translated them a while ago. Use the search button.

I somehow downloaded the KOREAN drivers off of the home page and figuered teh dam prog. out lol!!!
Amazing what the will to play SF can acomplish:rofl:
Any ways I’m gonna write a guide if it’s ok with the mods. because that sure as fuck felt like shit. BUT FIRST I MUST PLAY!!!

Oh yeah…it doesn’t click. It feels like it’s got a big ass throw but this is my first stick so take it for what it’s worth.

You should mod that stick djfrijoles as it uses unreliable leaf switches instead of much better microswitches. The Saulabi uses Korean parts so I would pm laugh on SRK if I were you in order to get a Fanta stick and Crown buttons. You should probably buy additional sticks though as shipping from korea is a lot and Korean sticks are not as expensive as Japanese or American ones.

Which Saulabi was it? I actually translated v1.0 of their configuration utility for use with the PC/USB version of the stick. Check out this post:

of this thread:

I really should translate v2.0, as I hear it has more options/features.

Well my stick is teh Saulabi online balck stick and I’m guessing teh programm runs for all Saulabis because the exe file is listed as being for the Saulabi 4k. Well at least it’s on the page for that model so I’m just assuming because well…I don’t read Korean.

Any way it’s this version.
I downloaded your translation also because I got it to work using one of the preset profiles but I would rather have my own config. so thumbs up man:tup:

Evil I don’t have teh confidence in myself to attempt to mod teh stick.
On the bright side though, the stick feels and performs pretty dam good.
I personaly love the button layout because it is PERFECT for doing lariats.
The buttons feel pretty good too. The only thing I’ve had difficulty with a couple times is hitting downback/right a little but I think it has to do more with the way I’m holding the stick in my lap.

It’s a great stick for 360 characters and Shotos but teh throw seems a little big for charge characters. I’m hoping I can addapt to this because I was looking forward to adding DeeJay to my arsenal of characters.

Oh and teh slanted surface makes teh stick even more badass in my opinion:woot:

its not hard to mod the stick with actual arcade grade korean parts. All it requires is a screwdriver. The joystick will start out feeling fine but it will probably break down in a few months due to the leaf switches being gradually bent (you can bend them back into place but eventually they will start bending out of place faster and faster meaning that you should probably swap the stick with a real Fanta). I actually intend to buy a Saulabi myself and mod it in hte next couple of months.