Saulabi Modding

Hey guys.

Just wondering if there are any sites or a thread dedicated to the modding of a Saulabi stick (this is a SPS-1000, so it’s quite old). I don’t really like the feel of the stick so much and would like to replace it with a Japanese stick. The buttons are fine, though the start and select could be a bit more out of the way and smaller (I can get the face redone completely at any time, but that’s not my main concern - I just want to know how to open this baby up and start replacing shit).

Tried using the search but I didn’t get precisely what I required.

Any help would be awesome!

Thanks in advance.

Bump for the need of a good size image of a TP-MA connector - just want to know if it’s a slot fit on both ends, rather than just the SANWA end.

About the SPS-1000, have you gotten in contact with user Xorcist? He seems to know what he’s doing. See the second post in this thread: