Saulabi sticks

does any one know any information about these sticks?

talk about cheap sticks i found this stick for 27$ usd for the pc (some include ps3 also)


I is a Saulabi advocate =)

My dam search tool stopped working about a month ago so can’t link you but search for the Saulabi thread and korean Sticks ( I think ) There are two good threads with info + a modding tut. by the one and only laugh.

See my title <3

Laugh knows everything Saulabi.

With this one, you cannot “enjoy the fancy look of the stick with metal mask logo”.

That stick is basically a compact version of their PC line of sticks. They use leaf switch sticks and knock off buttons as stock parts.

I highly recommend that you mod the stick with arcade-grade stick and buttons if you are serious about fighters.

thnx for the info :china:

i think one of my friends might be heading up to Korea soon hopefully he can pick me up one.

If you decide to mod just be warned that the TaeYoung Fanta is HELLA STIFF at first.
I am STILL trying to break mine in. I actually decided to UNmod my stick by taking it out and using the stock stick while I try to break mine in. How you ask ? I spin it around while I am waiting for a match on GGPO. The Crown buttons however are simply AWSOME !!! Just be prepared to do a lil soldering.

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I am still waiting for my match mr laugh. Quit selling shit and lets play :rofl: