I mean in-game, not the crowd/competitors. What was the highest-finishing player who used a female character? Only one I can think of was Juicebox using Juri, and even he switched back to Abel.

A far cry from the days of 3S and A3. I can’t even recall seeing a single Chun Li or Sakura anywhere!

EDIT: ack, I guess this is all highly specific to AE… guess I might have put this in the wrong forum, if any mods want to move it no problem.

Dear child, I have the solution to your woes.

Play BlazBlue.

Please tell me you’re trolling. C. Viper begs to differ, with Latif, Wolfkrone, and Flash representing in the Top 8. The former taking second place.

^ LOL Jesus I worry about my brain sometimes! Good lord… mods just close it.


Did you even watch evo or any of the top moments?

I did but my general dissatisfaction with how Chun Li and Sakura were under-reprented somehow caused me to have some kind of brain-seizure and entirely forget about C.Viper. Massive fail accepted.

Nah, Arcana Heart…

That’s mean. Why do you want him to get in trouble with the FBI?


Oh yeah, and Mileena was 2nd place in MK9. I’ll just ignore Tekken 6: Bobline Rebellion.

The only game that had a sausagefest top 8 was Tekken 6.

Placed top 3 in various games:

Tron Bonne

Still… ok… maybe I can salvage my ‘theory’… lolol…

The WINNERS category… that would be pretty much a sausage-fest, with the exception of Phoenix… right? There you go. Other than the freak that is Phoenix, we didn’t see any laydees take the top spot in any game.

There we go, see I knew I was on to something! lol… sort of.

Hey gimme a break, I’m still bitter that my two faves Chun and Sak totally lost their essence in IV.

Why the fuck is this even a topic?

So stupid. xD

i saw some guy playing peach and sheik on the melee setup

Stop…just stop. Close this thread and delete it.

skull girls


I saw Sabre using Sakura in semi’s, but my buddy Billy Lee Dragon made short work of him using T.Hawk :rock: