Savage Reign + Kizuna Encounter now on PS2


Was this collection announced beforehand? It sorta came out of thin air. Anyways, it was released today in Japan, so now people can play Kizuna on something other than their computer.


This was announced…we had been talking about it for quite sometime in my SNK thread…

But nevertheless good for it to have its own thread and this will promote more people to play it…I am debating having a Kizuna Encounter tourney at EVO North SNK 2007 this weekend.


I totally gotta rock that Kim/King Lion!

What was the tech in Savage Reign btw? I played a bit and didn’t find much interesting.


I gotta remember how to Tech in SR…I didnt like SR too much myself…but I surely loved Kizuna Encounter…and it is highly possible as a tourney Sunday!!!

-Dark Geese


is this game good? what does it play like?


Pimp Kim/Rosa time.


moar kim infs plz


Kim/Rosa is probably the best team in the game…its the team I will be using hands down…

It plays like a predecessor to NGBC…major difference is that once one bar gets depleted all the way…you lose…not both…

Also…The Supers do sick amounts of damage and you have a red bar for depsperation…and this game shows why you can’t have that in a Tag Game…it makes Kim Sue Il TOO GOOD…

Combo Super off a low, off a overhead…and yeah its like one full bar out of two GONE…for free…

This is what makes Kim better than Rosa…Rosa cant combo into Super…:sad:

And in red he has infinite meter (which is when you lose one bar)

Also you can only tag in “certain areas” that is right around your tagging partner…

It cant be anywhere else but the area.


S-Tier: Kim, Rosa
A-Tier: Shishioh, the Ninja Bros. (Gozu and Mezu)

Nobody else can really touch them, in my opinion.

Savage Reign was ahead of its time, and had some interesting features, but it’s not a very good game.
Kizuna is much better, and slightly underrated, but broken.


Carol was my chick in Savage Reign. Somethin about a girl in a too short skirt throwing around a Gymnast’s Workout Ball that makes me interested. Nicola, Hayate, King Lion and Eagle did work too.

But Kizuna Encounter. Kim and Rosa. Only 1 question what word you wanna use. Rape, Murder, 187, Sodomy, MDK, Juggernaut Love, whatever. Kim and Rosa ran Kizuna Encounter. Game should been called Kim and Rosa: The S-Tier Murder Files. And the game offically drops tommorow. Got mine nice and preordered.


Any vids? Anyone?


There are a bunch of combo vids on YouTube.





I’m a huge Kizuna Encounter fan, but it’s not going to be fun to have a tourney because 97% of all players are going to pick Kim/Rosa!


How is Jyazu in this game?
Lookin forward to playing this.


Jyazu is GOD…but I don’t know if he should be banned or not.
After all, you can only use him by himself.
But then again, Shin Shishioh should be banned, so Jyazu should probably be banned too…

If you like Jyazu, use his brothers (Gozu and Mezu). They’re pretty much Jyazu broken into halves, but they have some interesting moves of their own.