Savannah Bi-Weekly BRAWLS @ Empire Comics! 9/9/2010 SSF4!

Ok, starting Thursday September 9th will be our first “Savannah Bi-Weekly Brawls” tournament at Empire comcis! The purpose of these is for Savannah to gain more tourney EXP, level-up our game and have fun! The venue is in Pooler, GA by their City Hall. Not hard to find. Tournament details are as follows…

Venue: "Empire Comics"
106C South Chestnut St.
31322 Pooler, GA

They sell comics, toys, collectibles, and old video games. Comics all over the walls ;D

$5 Admission
$5 Buy-in

SSF4 Rules

Best 2 out of 3 matches
Best 2 out of 3 sets
Winners Final, Losers Final, and Grand Final are all best 3 out of 5 sets
Double elimination
Winner keeps character and Ultra
Loser can switch character and Ultra

Sign-up here! Post your…

City (probably Savannah, right? lol)

We are also planning to get our tournaments streaming ;D We may not be able to get the equipment needed by the first tournament but we will be getting a stream setup eventually.

If there is a high demand for any other games let me know and we can look at trying to run it.


smashpansy/Savannah :smiley:

Hello! My name is Alex, I’m an intern at South Magazine. I am an AVID gamer, and I was carousing the internet and saw your planning SSFIV event, and thought I’d add it to the calendar at South Mag’s website.

I’m a huge geek/gamer and I’m trying to bring South Mag’s cred up and featuring some events for the more interactively inclined. Hopefully by putting this event on the web, it may bring you a couple more attendees. I derived pretty much all the info necessary from your post, but I need to know the time the event is to start.

I’d also LOVE to add your Broughton St. Battles II to the event whenever that comes to fruition. South Magazine frequents Fuddrucker’s on Broughton (We’re on Bull around the corner) and we’d love to bring some extra attention your way for doing these unique events.

Please feel free to call me at 770)845.9864 or email me at (both of which will be faster than responding to this message) as soon as you can, so I can finish adding this to our online calendar.


Slimz/ Slimztheguy/ lawrenceville

around what time is the tourney gonna start.?