Savannah college of art and design

i just got reaccepted to scad!
i was there for a year then i transferred to mass art in boston, and i just got a letter today re accepting me to the school i want to go back to!
it only took me 4 years to return…

but i know someone else goes (went) there…chain i think…

That’s correct, I’m currently a senior there. Gammon also goes there. We hang out and he kicks my ass at CvS2.

Congrats :slight_smile: Hit me up for any SCAD related questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.

scad blow bro. save your money and go to a real art school. unless you wanna get into computer animation that school is pretty usless.

sweet all you do is troll and suck up to that SHGL guy. Get a life. Isn’t there a flame forum in this site? And get rid of that avatar is fu**ing annoying, not to mention you had to steal one.

i’ve been there, and i love the campus, and the school and the city. i went there for a year.

scad has a great sequential dept, and a good illustration dept.
let me guess you think risd is good eh? well i’ve been there for years…it sucks.

no i dont think risd is a good school, i’ve been at scad and risd and they both suck. risd has hotter women but tuition is way over priced and doesnt have much of an ilustration program and scad is ruled by the rowan’s and by the time you graduate from there you will know what i mean. what dumb fuck would teach comics at scad? only a professor who cant get pro work. honestly what kind of work do you think you will be doing when you graduate?

flotiball? shut your mouth.

Sweet is partially correct. There are some issues I have with SCAD, but overall, I do like that school. The school is indeed ruled by the Rowans (although Paula Rowen is now Paula Wallace) It is a private college, so they can run things as they please, without regard to what other colleges do. For instance, tuition does not freeze upon going there so, when it keeps going up, you keep paying more. BUT, scholarships do freeze, so altough I’ll keep paying more for tuition, I’ll get no extra scholarship money to help pay for it.
And it is true that SCAD is not the most hardcore art school. It won’t kick your ass quite like some other schools can. SCAD is kinda like art school for the masses (there is no portfolio required for acceptance) so there are a lot of students there that aren’t serious. This has its ups and downs. On one hand, SCAD has a good friendly atmosphere where everyone tends to get along, and we aren’t afraid to show our work and get critique from fellow students. I’m told that at schools like RISD, students are so competative that everyone keeps to themselves and people never show each other work for fear of their ideas being stolen. That kind of environment is not for me. If you can get past the fact that there are a lot of goof offs at SCAD, and worry about what you do, and try to take advantage of what’s there, it can be a very rewarding experience. Learning is just as dependent on the student as it is the teacher.
On another note, I do think there are a few fantastic professors at SCAD, and I am quite fond of the Sequential department.
SCAD is a good school if you are looking for a friendly atmosphere. You gotta take matters into your own hands though. A great education wont be spoon fed to you, but it is definately there for the finding. SCAD is also one of the only schools that has a sequential major (that’s why I went there)
If you’re looking for a really hardcore art school though, perhaps somewhere else might be better. SVA perhaps? I dunno. I like SCAD just fine.

i went to scad for a year already. i was accpted to sva.
mass art is like you said…a shitty environment…like risd.

cool, liquid, i went to siggraph yesterday, and i saw ur school over there, they had some ok stuff, my school was there as well, AI (art institute)

my school kinda blows too but ive learn so much, its really what u get out of school that counts

congrats on getting back into school, hope u enjoy it

chain your right not all of scads instructor suck. theres a teacher of the name of jeff marjkowski or somthing like that that made my experience good. he teaches painting you should take as many classes with him that can. if everyone is looking for a good art school hands down art center is the best. i got to study with the best working illustrators out there includeing craig mullens. that school will put you in your place fast and let you know how hard you have to work.

Jeff Markowski is indeed awesome. He takes my spot for my second favorite professor at the whole school. He was my instructor for my Life Drawing II and Life Drawing III classes. Did he used to teach painting classes? Nowadays he only teaches drawing classes.

Wow, that is awesome that you got to study with Craig Mullins. His work never ceases to amaze me.