Savannah, GA Bi-Weekly Brawls 1 Results

First bi-weekly had a showing of 12. Had a lot of fun and can’t wait til the next one! We need to step it up in the numbers though! Full results as follows…

1st Ramen Addict (Akuma, Adon. Adon beating ShinkuuR and myself)
2nd ShinkuuR (Rose)
3rd Alvien (Bison)
4th Juan Solo (Guile, Fei long)
5th Bless (Ryu)
5th Omnis (Chun Li)
7th Grizzlegrape (Abel)
7th Nyion (Rufus)
9th Icecoffee (Akuma, Zangief)
9th Steven (Honda)
9th cbpye (Gen)
9th Raf (Abel)

Possibly doing BlazBlue alongside SSF4 next tourney. Also looking at getting a stream going. I’ll keep you all posted! Again, GGs to everyone that attended!

nice, larcenist you’re on my XBL friendslist lol. one of my friends is moving to savannah tomorrow. when is the date for the Broughton Street Battles?

Don’t have one yet unfortunately. Due to recent events we may be canceling it in favor of a different location =/

EDIT: Scratch this. lol

Aye… :(. Good shit to Adam taking it and walking away with the money and that ballin ass trophy :tup: . Lots of fun. I enjoyed it… Keep these going and everyone should level up pretty steady. Cant wait for BSB2. Lets get some more setups next time and everything will be perfect. Good job Eric. Oh and fuck you Juan <3

NOOOO!!! Why was I so FREE!!! Bless sucks! and Juan!!!

Chad will be there next time with a setup. Rashid will get his setup in next time. We should have a good 5/6 next time

Im in GA and ill be at the next one. Im unfamiliar with Savannah so youll have to lemme know where its held.

Had fun!!! appreciate the tips after the tourney Eric. If we could only get THE REST of our top players in savannah to give tips and help out like you do I think we may just be alright :P. Sad to see throws arent as useful as I thought! I use alot of them… but you guys tech them… like 90 percent of the time im so sad :(. I won’t give up on ryu just yet but I may pick up a second character.

Good job everyone except for raf:) Nah, but it was pretty fun and i look forward to the next one. Hopefully we can get much more people next time around.

NEXT TIME… Next time I’m not gonna get knocked straight out of the tourney. I’ll see all you fighters out there again in two weeks!

I’ll be making a thread for the next one and all the others after it. Check out the Facebook group for more details, Fighting Gamers of Savannah | Facebook

Hey, I’ll def try to drop by to one of these! I have Thursdays off from work and I dont have class on Friday so I think I could easily work it out to come support you guys and get some games in some time!

Damn sorry I couldnt make it. I aint had no money because Im saving for my cruise in december…(which im forced to go …I dont want to go to mexico I want to go to Japan) Ill try to make it to the others If I can because yall know I hate to turn down a challenge.

No problem man but Chad, Rashid, Adam and anyone else will help you too if you ask! And definitely don’t give up on Ryu!

Look forward to seeing you there if you get the chance!

GGs guys, it was alot of fun and I’ll definitely be coming to more of these. And yeah, I’m open to giving advice and if anyone wants to spar a bit on XBL just let me know.

man Drop Ryu and pick up Balrog! Ryu can be your second!