Savannah, GA Bi-Weekly Brawls #8 12/16/2010 Results


I had a lot of fun, great seeing Augusta again! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves! And I’m sorry Marvel got canceled since no one wanted to play ;(


1st ShinkuuR [Rose] ($56)
2nd Druseph [Honda] ($16)
3rd Alvien [Bison] ($8)
4th CoosCoos [Sagat, Ibuki, Viper, ???]
5th Juansolo [Fei, Guile]
5th Omni [Rufus]
7th Aztek Bronze [Ken]
7th Sevans [Vega, ???]
9th KillaJerv [Viper]
9th Surprise Buttsecks [Bison]
9th Grizzlegrape [Abel]
9th Yohan [Balrog]
13th THE Nyion [Rufus, ???]
13th Ken34 [Viper]
13th Duck [Vega]
13th cbpye [Gen]


I had too much fun. I prolly got a little louder than normal (I have coffee to thank for that). Rashid held it down for SAV! Drew thanks alot for putting my Ken to shame… always a pleasure. Augusta crew! thanks for coming down and putting on a show. I really threw away that last round against Juan, but what can you do? Good shit dude. Killajerv, Eric, Donnie and pretty much everyone who is giving me the practice and advice that I require… thanks doods. And remember… Aztek Bronze is gunna snatch up all yo ladee frendz! :looney:


Vega/Guile for the record.

Also, good stuff everyone. Especially DA BRONZE. We’re tied? That’s sick.


For those who didn’t know, Drew got handled even further by a station wagon on our way back home.

Drew was mad hahahaha.


more people need to sign up for marvel…kinda wish that had went down.


Ah yes forgot to give props to the sexiest mustache in the southeast! Good shit bro but we gotsta do better next time! And if people would just sign up instead of worrying how many people are in the tourney, then you guys might have had an MVC2 tourney. At least thats what I was noticing.


Great job everyone that competed in this event. The stream was fun to watch and the gf was hype. Rashid holding it down for ems.