Savannah, GA Kaos Theory Tournaments


For all you Savannah local that didn’t know already, in the Oglethorpe Mall in front of Barnes and Nobles there’s a new spot open called Kaos Theory. It’s a game center but they also hold weekly tournaments.

Now when you look at that site and see the games listed I know what you’ll all be thinking “Where are the fighting games?”. That’s exactly what I was thinking. So last night me and a couple friends went down and paid for the use of a setup while their Halo tournament was going on. After that they were bombarded with “Yo you guys should do SF4” so the plan worked ;D. They say that if enough people want it, they’ll put it in. SO IF YOU ARE FROM SAV AND WANT TO SEE SOME WEEKLY SF4 TOURNAMENTS GO THERE AND TELL THEM YOU WANT IT! They also said they may decide to do multiple fighting game tournaments on that night like MVC2, Tekken6 (when it’s released), KOF12 and Blazblue.

At the same time they’ve told me that side tournaments can be set up during the day on any day as long as we organize enough people before hand. So if you’d be interested in this at all give a reply, PM me a phone number, Or just go up to Kaos Theory and tell them you want to see some fighters (preferably SF4)!


Some peeps that i work with have been up there a few times. I plan on heading up there this Saturday and talking to them about setting up fighting game tournies. I’ll PM you my number if you want to meet up there this weekend and get some games in. I’ve been looking for some local comp for a while.



Needs more replies from Savannah gamers IMO.


While I don’t live in Savannah, I do live in Statesboro which is 45 minutes away. If anyone wants to get in some games just PM me and we can discuss from there.

NOTE: I won’t be back in Statesboro till next weekend.


Can someone post the address so I can map quest it? I’d like to see ow far it is. If it’s an hour or under I might go.


7804 Abercorn St # 10
Savannah, GA 31406-3502

That’s the address to the mall it’s in