Save our Street Fighter Round 2: Marvel vs Capcom 2



After everyone sending in emails and even a few paper letters for the past four months, we’ve got SF Anniversary Collection working on X360! It works great, and it’s online!

Now it’s time to get cracking on getting MS to patch Marvel vs Capcom 2.

This is even more important because the licensing situation for Marvel vs Capcom 2 may mean this game will never be released again. Capcom doesn’t have the marvel license, and now many of the characters in MvC2 belong to different publishers - Spider-Man and the X-Men belong to Activision, EA has a sublicense for a bunch of characters, Sega has a license for FF characters (including Dr. Doom) and so on…

While TMNT was able to get an XBLA release because there was a movie, and it is a single license, and only involved three parties (Konami, MS and Ubisoft), Marvel vs Capcom 2 would require a LOT more cooperation, a LOT more revenue sharing, and doesn’t have an outside property (like a Marvel vs Capcom 2 movie or something) to make it worth the effort to promote.

Let’s start sending emails for this!

So much confusion.

Doubt it’ll work,but it won’t hurt to try.


Everyone said they doubt it would work for SFAC, and yet here we are. We started sending emails after the Dec/06 update, and one update later we got our SFAC, despite everyone saying it won’t happen because of low sales/likely an XBLA version down the road.

If we send in a pile of emails and letters asking for Marvel vs Capcom 2, it will happen.

But we need to move fast, because at some point the updates will stop. We might only have a few months to be able to get it made a priority.

I’d have to say that we should get CvS2 over MvC2.


The two are pretty much the same engine, get one, the other should pretty much be free.

CvS2 also has licensing issues preventing a future XBLA/PSN/VC download, but those are only between two companies, who may have reason to work together in the future anyway…Marvel’s licensing issues are greater and so I think it should be the priority.

Uhhh…that’s not how it works.

And they should absolutely do CvS2 first. CvS2 has a Live mode that is still pretty popular. CvS2 on Xbox also isn’t considered terrible by everyone who plays it.

They’ve said many times they pick a few target games, get them working, then test other games to see if they get added as a consequence. Games that share engines tend to bring the other games along for the ride - see Ultimate Spider-Man and now Spider-Man 2, Fatal Frame 1 and Fatal Frame 2, and so on.

CvS2 has live, which is good, and I think it’s the better game, even comparing the sorta gimped Xbox version to the sorta gimped (but better than PS2) Xbox MvC2.

but MvC2 needs to be preserved a little more because the licensing issues make it an even more remote possibility of ever being re-released.

Ok i sent mine already. Come on guys it only takes a min or 2.

Just sent the E-Mail

I think the case of Marvel2 is much more complex than CvS2. The marvel gaming liscenses is totally spread to a number of like 5 gaming companies. I say Marvel is priority.

Bump - send those emails people!

You realise that, not only is the version of MvC2 on the Xbox not arcade perfect, but it also lacks online play. I vote CvS2 over this.

Sent my E-mail in, hopefully they actually do it.

The only way that it will seriesly be online playable is if there is no lag, and that depends on the connection of both players, so until T1 is as cheap as DSL, many people aren’t going to really be interested in playing it, but still, the players should still have an option as to play it or not.

CvS2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MvC2

for xbox anyways

Sent, although I don’t think I’ll be getting these. Maybe CVS2, but not MVC2.

Wow this is great news! Congratulations on everyone who helped with SFAC! I’ll be sending in my MvC2 letter soon, lets keep up the good work everyone : )

Why Marvel? SFAC made a lot of sense because many people have it and could not play online anymore after migrating their accounts over to the 360. But marvel on xbox is pretty damn rare… and with out an online mode, whats the point? Just play on the original xbox or a dreamcast like you should in the first place.

I know. But something is better than nothing and Marvel needs to be preserved. Also, the X360 will let us play Marvel with custom sound tracks using the Xbox workaround :wink:

If you want to ask for CvS2, that’s cool too. They run on the same engine, hopefully we could get both at the same time.

You can’t access the Guide button features in Xbox1 games, so unless you know a different way to do it, I can’t play custom anything.

Yeah, but you might as well get a Dreamcast or good EMU