Save the Arcades

Please please please play play play and donate your points to Game Galaxy!

The Arcade UFO guys on here will be angry with you :looney:

But either way, something like this is great.

Done and done.

You got my support!


I’m down.

110,275 for Game Galaxy!

The music was addicting. And I was real bored. :lovin:

But I don’t want to donate my points. I want to keep them and exchange them for Official Game Galaxy Coin Monies for T6BR, SF4 Viewlix, Nazi Fighter, Come On Baby, and other games.

I would be much more inclined to play and donate if I could get some kind of guarantee as to where this money will be going if you win.

What games or cabs will Game Galaxy be using the money for? Or maybe just to pay off existing ones?

Too late…

Played a bit today…

I would also be interested in knowing that… as I am also getting the word out :slight_smile:

p.s. you can check out game info here:

It would also be useful to just have a generic username and password for SRKer’s to use who want to play and donate who don’t want to sign up.

Ya I thought about doing that… so I just now did :stuck_out_tongue: is user/pass

cool deal dreamtr i’m gonna spend some time with this later on

Played. Points donated to Starbase in San Rafael, though, because that’s my ‘local’ arcade.

wow i never even heard of “Star Worlds Arcade” before is email (my bad :P)

Donate points fools! So we can get DreamTR to smuggle VF5R into Game Galaxy so 2 people can play it.


runs away

Done. More arcades need to sign up for this in the future.