Save the arcades!

I know this is posted in the General section but I thought some of you may have missed it. Play and donate your points to Starbase Arcade, right here in the Bay Area! One of the last “mom and pops” arcades left in Nor-Cal.

I’d hate to see my local arcade go out of business and winning this would help keep the doors open a while longer.

Thanks guys!

I played a game and donated. It’s impossible to die if you keep holding up as the bosses can’t shoot you. I need a bot for those captchas and I’ll try this again later.

"Ah, the arcade. Sadly, many arcades across the country are down to their last quarter and facing closure."
Reading this and the arcade background stories is depressing. I wish more people would support their local arcades.

Starbase arcade featured on Gamespot’s Today on the Spot, for the Save the Arcades promo.

Check it out and help support the local arcade. Thanks!


fuck him, he’ll never be nathan patrelli!!!

Donated to our local arcade, Starbase.

Not to talk shit or anything, but how is Arcade UFO on the list of arcades for this cause? Compared to a place like Starbase (which would help greatly to keep this place going), is Arcade UFO struggling as much?

How can an arcade with:

Street Fighter 4 (4 cabs)
Tekken 6
King Of Fighters XII
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Among lots of other popular games, need the money as much as a place like Starbase which could disappear really soon. Arcade UFO imports an ungodly amount of games (recently got Daemon Bride). They have actual SFIV cabs, as Starbase I believe has a scrappy setup which involves a Xbox 360 in an old SF cab.


Where is this starbase arcade?

Thanks for the support, Frankie. It’s much appreciated.

I’m not sure what criteria Stride used to choose which arcades to participate in the contest, but whatever it was, UFO qualified so can’t really hate on them. I just wish Stride would have chosen arcades that actually needed “saving” and were in dire need like Starbase is. But what can you do besides play and donate?

Starbase is located in San Rafael, CA which is about 15 mins north of the GG bridge in Marin County.

True. UFO just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the 4 that are listed. Everyone has bills to pay and cabs to fix there’s no denying that, but I just find it hard to see a place that runs everything in Candy Cabs with imported fighters having as much trouble as places like the other 3 arcades.

Either way, support your local arcades!

Things are really starting to heat up in the contest now. Starbase and UFO have gone back and forth the last two days. It’s pretty much a neck and neck race. Any help you can give to the only arcade on the WC in the contest, would be awesome.

Every little bit counts in what is sure to be a down to the wire finish!

I played, had to support the next closest place