Save the date 4/12 to 4/18: Official Cammy balance discussions on Unity

Hey yall I’m all for well-thought out balance discussions but staying realistic and am expecting a whirlwind storm of complaints come 4/12 when Capcom opens up the balance thread on Unity. As long as we as a community stay level headed and engage in intelligent conversation/discussion I have trust that Capcom will be able to differentiate what is legitimate and what is absurd and move forward accordingly.

I’m hoping and asking many of us here to help steer the discussion in a positive manner when the time comes.

-Thanks for the support.

Doubt it, there are alot more idiots in this world compared to the few smart people.

RIP Cammy2012

Well realistically what would you give Cammy ? Not being funny but she currently beats or goes even versus most of the cast. No trolling I’m genuinely interested.

the only reason cammy is considered ‘sooo good’ right now is because the good characters were nerfed and she just climbed up the ladder…

i dont even play cammy but if it was up to me i’d leave her alone and slightly buff the low tier characters accordingly to the tools they’re lacking

Depends on where Capcom goes with the game/rest of cast. Ideally if we find a way to buff the rest of the cast AND find a way to balance the game with little differentiating a top 12-16 then she likely can be left as is. Realistically I expect some nerfs to roughly the consensus top 5 and would accept a reduction in stun (-50) to her cr HP to and HK SA and maybe -2 on EXCS on hit/block. Anything else is dependent on what other changes are made to everyone else.

Possibly but I think if they decide to remove unblockables in the game as they are now. I can’t see any problem with how the current cammy is, maybe add a few frames of recovery on her SA. She was never meant to be a vortex character, she is supposed to outsmart her opponents with frame traps, footsies and her solid ground game. Then again everyone else is still going to complain about her anyway…

Capcom unity is beyond saving and the balance discussion is done by people who are average at the game/casuals/beginners. Or know little to nothing about the characters and the engine. Except a select few intelegent posters (those are most likely coming from srk members.)

The Sakura nerf list is ridiculous. nerf crhp( her only reliable anti air), ex tatsu, nerf damage, nerf stun, nerf jhp, nerf lk tatsu (punishable -4?)… The funniest of all “remove Sakura unblockables”. Fact: Sakura hardly has any (few) true unblockables. It would take u 5mins in training room to figure out most of her setups are fake crossups. (or 50/50).

And this is Sakura we are talking about. Not even in the top5. Multiply this feedback to x1000 = cammy feedback. Let’s face it shes the most hated character in the game (blanka.?).

Nerfs I can live with (pick 3) of the below:

  • reduce overall stun.
  • reduce health.
  • slight nerf to ex strike on block. Or add height restriction. High ex strike is not possible. Only low or TK.
  • bring back ae hk sa. (alot of players will drop her instantly <3). AE Cammy <3 so much untapped potential.

(Not necessarily needed) Buffs:

  • better throw range.
  • far mk = sfxt far mk.

Otherwise leave the character as is.

I’d be happy with just reduced stun and tweaked ex cs.

yeah, I thought it couldnt get any crazier after the sakura nerf list. than I saw people asking for bison light sk to be punishable :slight_smile:

cammy thread will be pure comedy gold.

Bison thread:

  • Remove teleport shortcut.
  • Remove cross up Psycho Crusher.

Teleports, shortcuts and crossups are perfectly fine in this game. They’re just overpowered when regarding Bison.

Cammy thread will be an absolute joke.

Honestly, I dont think much will change with cammy regardless of the whining. She has been strong in every iteration. What we might see is:

  1. damage nerf (which is really fine lets be honest)
  2. added recovery frame off backthrow (easy way to screw with divekick/unblockable setups)
  3. stun nerf

I cant see much else being done. They really need to just buff characters at this point (please let them give yang back some of his stuff).

For yang at least give him his crossup jmk. And

I want either back or his ae divekick back. Also his ae damage. Id be fine with that.

Agreed there’s a ton of misinformed/silly opinions and general complaints/whining, but there’s also some valid constructive/thought-out criticism. Not all of it will be agreed upon, but it’s pretty obvious which are silly complaints and which are real suggestions. Likely the last chance we’ll have to have a conversation involving top level players too.

Now I hate cammy about as much as the next person, but I don’t think she needs serious nerfs if they plan on buffing the rest of the cast. I would say an AE yun or fei treatment whereas those characters are still strong after nerfs, but depending on how much they buff the rest of the cast it could be a problem.

I would be happy with like, maybe a frame or two less blockstun on divekicks, and a frame or two less advantage on some of her normals. Or maybe instead, nerf stun and meter gain. I think the most frustrating thing about Cammy is how, if you know the game and character decently well, you can pretty much go on auto-pilot and still destroy people. She seems to build meter just ridiculously fast.

I don’t think they will remove any unblockables because that would probably take serious tweaks to the engine which could be really risky in a game as old as this.

I bet people will want to go after seth more than cammy. All she needs is a stun reduction and thats it. They’re probably going to mess with her ex dive kicks and normals ones.

Believe it or not SRK is actually apart of the “casuals/beginners” club. There’s a reason there aren’t a whole lot of top players posting here. And I think Cammy is getting at least a damage nerf and they’re gonna change up EXCS in some way/shape/or form.

Today’s the day. On these boards the complaints have been manageable with Akuma getting the brunt at just the right time for us anyways. Seeing Evil Ryu’s thread on CU gives me hope Oni will deflect some of the negative attention away too. Probably a good thing Cammy’s last with most people’s energy/hate exhausted over the past few weeks. We’ll see.