Save the date 4/12 to 4/18: Official Cammy balance discussions on Unity



the requests dont seem that bad for cammy and akuma. They seem kinda minor.


A lot of people are dying to see her naked cannon strike nerfed. Jeez these people don’t even know what to nerf and why shes strong.


I must say it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to potentially be. A lot of generalized nerf requests that don’t mean anything and/or requests that spills massive amounts of silliness requesters are coming from. Of course it’s not the requests that matters but what Capcom does come time.


A couple of questions (not trying to be Huggy here):

  • Current personal opinion on Cammy in 2012: Power level wise fine, character with multiple ways to play, good mobility, all good stuff. Some things feel a bit braindead.
  • I feel characters with many options, but not super dominant ones are the most interesting ones. In MTG terms, think of Esperblade vs. Belcher or in Legacy or something. Shotos vs. Seth in SF, and so on.

Current ideas to do something about it:

  • Cannon Strike block/hitstun lowered so that truly horrendously placed strikes are slightly negative on block. -2 at most or so. If too much, perhaps 0 on block.
  • Leave EX Arrow able to stuff fireballs, but shorten the window some so that you need a read to do it, a bit like with Ryu’s tatsu. If the read is right, should stuff the fireball handily.

Then the two things where I don’t feel confident and want help before putting them up on Capcom:

  • I like her having frame traps and wakeup pressure. But currently the flow is something like EX CS => Links that turn into frame traps if they’re dropped => Spiral Arrow, start the hilarity again.
  • I would like to divorce these. So that she can go for either wakeup pressure or do frame traps while remaining safe, but to break up that flow of relative safety a bit.
  • Would the following work: Make some key frame trap normals not special cancelable so she’s forced to go to the SA cancel through close fierce which is hugely negative if the cancel is botched. Leave the frame trap tools intact otherwise.

-Spin Knuckle just seems not very used and kinda iffy. Would want to do something to it to make it better, but no idea as to what kind of move it ought to be, or what it’s current problems are in practice. Assuming the above changes work, how should it be changed?


Let’s try this again:

  • reduce stun for hp. Cl far (cancelable) and cr.
  • revert hk sa to the way it was in ae.
  • ex arrow 1hit.
  • ex strike reduce advantage on block by 3f.
  • ex strike add height restriction. Only possible up to frame 10 of her jump arc.


I like doing the low divekick. Her throw far less of a threat without it, and she needs knockdowns somehow.

I can agree that it shouldn’t be completely safe on block, though.

And why reduce stun on far hp? It’s only 100. It makes more sense to reduce close hp to 100 as well.


Health reduced to 900.
Ex CS frame advantage slightly reduced (on block, maybe on hit - let her still have advantage on block, but not much).

That’s it.
And make her Hooligan a usefull move, like in ST. Maybe be able to grab opponents when crouching ? or give faster speed ?


Hooligan hitting crouched people would be awesome :smiley: I’d take the nerfs with that.



No buffs?


Razor actually standing a ghost of a chance of hitting anything ever, I’d take the nerfs with that.


So 2013:

Less stun and damage on heavy punch.
Lower strike.

Expecting a ninja nerf to block advantage on ex strike or regular strikes in general. Overall I’m good with the changes. But how are they going to reduce the damage on hp without equaling mediums :confused:

Clmp 70 [60] clhp 85
Far mp 70 far hp 80
Crhp 90

Maybe reduced by 5dmg?

Rose buffs <3


I really like the nerfs and I wonder how low we will be able to do the strikes. The best case scenario would be some sort of TK Strike which can be done from above balrogs Jab range. Around the 5th or 4th frame of the jump would be amazing haha.


I’m afraid this strike buff will be coupled with a nerf.

Let’s hope we don’t get the slow sfxt cannon strike :frowning:

I’m fine with less frame advantage on block. But leave the startup alone :frowning:


It’s not just heavy punch, I read it as heavy attack which could mean hk SA nerfed to mk dmg.

I don’t see how giving us LOWER strike won’t be accompanied by some sort of nerf and my guess is 1-2 frames lower (on strike). Too early to say one way or the other but on paper I’m good with too.


i dont think so. combofiend specifically said in the presentation that her combos go into her “heavy buttons” = high stun… kill in 2 combos … etc. and they wanted to remove that aspect of the character without changing the overall design of the character.

so i assumed her hp button will be nerfed. they cant possibly nerf her hk button (cl is useless, cr is useless outside of combos while far is a good poke however… bad recovery and jumpable!)

1 or 2 frames lower strike is welcomed. up to 2f or 3f reduction of frame advantage on ex strike is acceptable to me.

but again her st heavy punch cant be nerfed much otherwise it will equal st mp :confused: interms of damage. crhp … maybe?


I agree, I don’t think it’ll be more than a 5 damage nerf on heavies 90 and below, and they won’t drop any heavies below 80. For those 100 and up damage normals, I think they’ll receive a 10 damage nerf. They’ll probably leave the neutral jumping normals alone.

Are they really going to bring back that the Vanilla/Super low Strike? If so, I too think there will be a frame advantage reduction on it.


Didn’t they do already a frame reduction on the normal strikes ? I

If we can trust combofiend and if they stick to this we will most likely get the TKCS back without any frame nerfs.
I really like where this is going


Damage nerfs in favour of TKCS, I’ll take that :smiley:


Don’t think they’ll bring back TK Strikes without a considerable frame reduction like DBC said. I think they’ll just make the height restriction a bit more lenient. If they are bringing back TK Strikes, then they’ve probably maimed her in other areas.

As long as they keep the 2-hit Spiral Arrows and her optimal combos/links into sweep, I can deal with whatever happens.


I think I see where they’re going. You nerf the frames on divekick, and that makes ambiguous and safe divekicks impossible after a combo ending in spiral arrow. They then lower the restriction to say meterless divekick still has a use. This gets rid of the most common “dizzy in two combos effect” opponents struggle against.