Save the date 4/12 to 4/18: Official Cammy balance discussions on Unity



Which again would be an overhaul in her metagame and I seriously doubt that they would go that far. Getting rid of ambiguous divekicks also means that they remove most if not all of her safejumps/dives after backthrow which don’t even look ambiguous. Also no one mentioned yet that they would change the frame advantage at all. I still believe though that the EX dive will get nerfed to some point maybe even given the same properties as the normal dive in USF4 now which I am personally ok with.

Also they have to adjust the normal Divekicks so that they’re still useful. If we would be able to do them close enough to the ground I can imagine that there will be quite a few different setups which hit REALLY deep and maybe crossup. I just doubt that they will remove the oki divekicks. Even if they slightly nerf her damage output it will be really easy to open people up with a TKCS dive and if she gets ~250 damage from 1 landed dive into a throw CS block mixup she would be still as powerful as she is now if not even stronger. While her oki divekicks are kinda important I don’t really think that she completely relies on it IMO.

If they really want to make the divekicks less ambigous then they should fix the wonky hitbox on it or the cast which allows this 50/50 Mixup to happen in the first place.

But still in this state and even with the little informations we have it’s all speculation anyway. I am really excited to see the actual changes later.


The last time they tried to “fix” her standard vanilla/super oki was in ae. But… They broke the character. Ex strike was unblockable on some characters if they quickstand. Hk strike too. Lol mk strike used to hit front land behind. Hk strike was crossup land behind (no way to tell the difference. )… And hk/ ex was unblockable vs some characters. We didn’t really explore or discover everything back then.

I honestly believe they went back to super hk sa oki to fix this problem. 1 give the fans what they want 2 remove the stupid unblockable situations without altering the game engine.

I just hooooope strike is no slow like sfxt. :frowning:

Reducing the hight restriction by couple of frames is good. But I pray they don’t touch the startup or adding some stupid landing recovery.


There would probably still be setups, but the use of her dive kick would still overall be reduced/impossible in the most common situation it is applied. I would think Capcom would find all of this logical. Balance updates are mostly just popularity and whining contests. People whined about divekick, including meterless. I see no reason Capcom would issue a buff unless it was because the nerfs that they had already decided to apply regardless would make the move otherwise unviable.

But yes, this is just speculation. Maybe they’re planning on mostly buffing the cast (which is a major problem with the SF4 series anyway, 75% of the cast is weak as all shit) and Cammy is just getting tweaks while Juri is getting full super meter when she activates U1 lol.


While I’m sure I could come up with stuff to say, I’d rather just ask this:
As a new person to the community…

Who are top Cammy players who are qualified to speak up about the character?
If Capcom should listen to anybody, it’s those people imo.


Alioune is one of the best and he asked for buffs lol


Where and what were they?


Capcom unity. I don’t remember what he asked for specifically but I do remember a buff to


I really hope they mean Cannon Strike and Spike was just a typo haha. I really like where this is going though


Many rumors:

Lol TK cs - 5 on block.
Lol more knock back effect for hk sa.


any source of that rumor ? I really don’t believe in any of them unless they were mentioned as a possibility in an Interview with anyone of capcom related to the update lol