Save the Toe-fu Dojo!

For the Seattle area the Toe-fu Dojo, it’s not spelled incorrectly, its an inside joke, hosted by Greg and Uriah has been our home for fighting game casuals and tournaments. In the last year this has become the only place where veterans and new fighting game players have been able to meet, that is open to the public, on a weekly basis . The Afro Dojo indefinitely closed and only the Salty Runback, Gameclucks and other tournaments being held about once a month. Our Northwest fighting game scene is dieing.

Recently the Dojo has come on hard times and due to equipment failure, 2 red ringed xboxs, an HD projector with a dead bulb and most recently a PS3 that keeps freezing, we may be suspending our weekly sessions. Me and a couple others bring our system’s and monitors when we come, but the dojo is without a complete current gen setup at the moment.

This last Saturday we all met at the dojo for a 2v2 team MVC3 tournament, but we only had one marvel disc and the only system with the DLC and updates was the one that kept freezing. Unfortunately we had to cancel and indefinable postpone this tournament till we have the equipment to play.

They had been taking donations from attendants and recently offering donation drives with prizes with the intention of buying new equipment, monitors, systems, games, DLC, a computer with video capture device and eventually streaming equipment, but we’ve been breaking stuff faster than they can save the money. I’m calling out to the public for help! I know they won’t tell you otherwise, but they need money to fix or replace what they had and to upgrade the dojo to what they have envisioned.

What I am asking for from the people who frequent the dojo is to open up your wallets to whatever you can afford, not just right now when it is most needed, but to give if just a little whenever you come. I try to give $5 every time I show up and I know others give a dollar or two occasionally. I know we all would like to have a place to play where we have adequate equipment, good minimal lag monitors and at least 4 complete setups.

For the people who are just fans of fighting games, casual players, tournament players, scene leaders, fans, internet trolls and others please donate to our cause. I promise you that your money goes towards solving our current issues and building a gaming environment that all are welcome to experience. For convenience of people who don’t come to the dojo you can donate to a PayPal account that will directly go to the dojo. For other payment options PM me.

Click Here to send money
-Under the Home tab select Send Money
-Type in the amount you would like to donate
-Select Friends and Family
-Click on Continue
-Type in into the email box
-Type in your email associated with your PayPal account
-Click on Continue
-Log in to your PayPal Account
-Select how you would like to pay
-Checking account transfers occur no fees
-Leave a message if you like
-Click Send Money

This entire process takes less than 5 minutes and I promise you the money is going towards what I am saying it is going to. I want to reassure you that I will not be skimming any of this money and that it will all go towards fixing and buying new equipment for the Toe-Fu Dojo.

I would love to see some big donations promptly and if this becomes a big thing I would see if we could give some donation gifts like t-shirts or something in the future. I will be making some kind of memorial board to put up in the dojo with the names of the donators on it.

Update 6/27 I replaced the link with one that goes to paypal, not to the send money tab. You will just have to click on the send money tab then fallow the directions.
If the link doesn’t work you can just go to, click on send money and you will be at the same screen as my link, enter and fallow the above directions.
Thanks for all the feedback I will be explorer alternative payment options tonight.

Update 7/14 I handed off the online donations totaling $50 to Greg last Saturday at the Windjammers tournament, which I won! Take that haters who thought Beeho Yoo was trash. All entries to the Windjammers tournament were given as donations to the dojo. However Greg and Ryan gave up some awesome prizes for the top three in the tournament and to anyone who challenged Ryan for a $1 donation and won. It took me 4 tries to beat him, but I got a Chun Li miniature, which I traded to Monica for some phad thai.

With the money raised in the tournament, previous donation money, challenges, online donations, and in person donations we have raised $175. This does not include some pledges that were promised. Me and Greg spoke about creating a realistic goal for the donation drive, but still haven’t figured out how much exactly everything will cost to fix or replace. I received a message from him yesterday to some notion that he had found a great deal on a PS3 and was going to get it. I have told him to spend the money how he sees it best spent as long as it goes towards the dojo. We will keep everyone updated as to what we have resolved.

However, after an initial wave of donations, thanks to everyone who did, they have ceased to come in. I partially blame myself for not staying on top of this thread and not getting the word out otherwise, but people, we still need a lot of help! Feel free to let me know if there are any ways that would make donations easier to make. I will be at the Salty Runback on the 23rd if you will be there and would like to make a donation.

Update 07/15 I am working on making a memorial board for all donations. I am thinking of having 3 areas where peoples names will be posted. One area each for the online donators, in person donators and pledges, plus an area for ryan for hosting the windjammers tournament.

I’ve found that is better for people withdrawing small transactions, if you’re interested in that rather than paypal(0% versus I don’t know how much for paypal).

Other than that, I am more than willing to donate to the toe-fu dojo if some kind of regular session or something that doesn’t occur on a Saturday night gets set up. Perhaps Sunday afternoon or something. I haven’t made it out to the dojo yet for specifically this reason. Just my two cents.

Your click to send money link isn’t working for me. Does paypalling directly work?

I have never been to the Toe-Fu dojo but I would like to help out with a couple bucks.

Thank you spammerDOJO for starting this thread, Dave O and julius for the donations and kindness, i have been talking to the other dojo master about opening up another day to accomodate more players. this is somthing we agreed could very well happen once we settle our work scheduals… we need as many cents as possible, thank you again dave O and julius for your two. :china:


let the man log in and reply. it hasnt even been 24 hours yet.

BTW i just sent u 10 bucks nigga. Support and love the dojo’s.

i made a post on facebook about this also.

I’m gonna donate once I get paid. tight month haha

Oh sorry, I thought gmon37 was his roomie or something and would know about the PP account, I’ve never been there and don’t know these guys…

Sorry Julian I just got off work and my phone doesn’t play nice with the new SRK layout.
I actually don’t live with with Greg or have any direct connection to the dojo other than as an attendant and supporter.
Greg’s post last night broke my heart and decided I wanted to do something.
Yes that’s fine you can just send it directly to that email, I’m gonna try to fix the link.
I did test it last night, but believe that it might only work on my computer or is time sensitive, not sure.

If you transfer from your bank account there are no fees. If you use a credit/ debit card I believe it is about 3%.
I will check out this amazon payments thing out and add a link if valid.
Saturday night have been the standard for a while.
I’m thinking of opening my home up for casuals also. However Sundays won’t work since we already host a poker tournament on Sunday nights at my place.

Thank you for being the 1st donator!
I got the email telling me the money showed, thanks for the donation.
I will make sure your name gets on the donation board, would you like KKF or Frank Yi?
Thanks for spreading the word through facebook.

That would be great I totally understand on money being tight, but if we give when we can it can make a difference.

So…24 hours have gone by and I see that about 150 people have viewed this thread and only 1 donation so far.
I’ve repaired the link and adjusted the instructions to reflect the change to the link.
I know some of you will be donating in person and I thank you in advance.
I’d also like to thank the people who despite having never attended the Toe-fu Dojo that are supporting the cause.
I’m a little disappointed people. I’m not asking for people to give up money they can’t afford, but if every person that has viewed this thread had pitched in $2 we would have enough money to buy a replacement Xbox for the dojo right now.

Tell me what you’re thinking, how can I make this more convenient for people to donate?
Is there anything you would like to know before you donate?
You have seen Greg post on this thread to verify that this is legit.
I will check up on this thread before I leave for work today and after I get home from work tonight around 10pm.
I hope to see a few donations by then.

10 dolla sent.

Help out your favorite dojo! I’ll be making a donation at my next toefu visit.

I sent ten dolla also.

I pledge to donate the $20 I win from Dugg in our MvC3 money match.

Welcome to trying to get anything done in the northwest fighting game scene. :rofl: It’s only 24 hours though and you will have to keep posting and hounding people, you can’t just randomly hit gamers up and expect help within 24 hours, people have to wait for paydays for unexpected things like this, see how you do 2 weeks from now.

Thank you to Jordan and Julian for your donations and Dustin and Devin for their pledges.
I am leaving for work now feeling confident I will see some more donations when I get home.

I completely understand what you are saying, but this issue has a sense of urgency.
I would like to be able to hand the dojo enough money next week to be able to start some of the repair and purchases so we can have a session on the 9th.
With EVO coming up I need as much practice as I can get.

Thank you to Frank for being the 1st to donate! A big thank you to julius blaze and rising church for your generousity. Bitq, thank you for being a regular and your pledge good sir.

No problem! Hopefully one of these days I can level up at the Dojo.

Bump to the top!