Save Us Based Venom!



Rescue us from this roster! We need you!


not getting the game til venom drops

also because i dont have a ps4 rn but yea lol


If it’s Agent Venom I’m not playing this game anymore.


thats real shit tbh i respect u for dat i feel the same


I luv venom like most,but i could roll with agent venom


You can’t promise Venom and then deliver Agent Venom. I’m sorry. That’s like promising Superman and then delivering John Henry Irons.


If not Agent Venom then he can kick rocks.


It’s Eddie Brock so it’s cool.


Don’t worry guys, it’s Abigail under the Venom suit.


McGargan with classic moveset


Team Shapeshift is a go (Jedah/Venom)


Thought of it as Team-Goo, but still, I really want to try them out together.


Nova/Venom/Power lookin sexy to me

I’m loving some Venom! These are the BnB’s I’m running with so far and they’re also meter sufficient. Pretty simple to pickup and a couple slight variations to what I saw on the earlier Capcom streams pushed the corner combo to ALMOST 6.7k. I’m sure someone will figure out how to optimize these even more eventually but hopefully this sparks an idea or helps anyone out who may be looking for more combos with notations, etc. Have fun folks!


3 combos


Im just happy venoms back…but man do i miss rushdown pressure venom


Not sure if this is known, but IAVF (Instant Air Venom Fang) causes Eddie to instantly splash into the ground. It causes somewhat of a fake out for his typical horizontal Venom Fang. ‘Could’ be useful.


[quote=“WarriorBySand, post:15, topic:183647”]

3 combos


I know he’s not hard execution wise but if you have time would you mind writing out the notation of these combos? It helps to look at it written down step by step for me. If not, that’s cool.

I’m currently trying to figure out ways to maximize Hawkeye with Venom. I can get the command grab to work after a gimlet but can’t get his little run afterwards to connect (even with a quick OTG into powerstone). Does he have any totally safe grounded pressure strings? His HP has lots of recovery so canceling it into the QCF LK seems like a decent trap if they push buttons.


Any specific timing on Mission 8? I’m struggling connecting on the follow up from qcf lk+hk -> -> cr.hp


Im just gonna throw my easy mode bnb here