1 Ron - Boxer
2 ComboFiend - Abel
3 Bobino - Rufus
4 Ryan - Honda
5 Gootecks - Ryu
5 Bebop - Claw
7 Ed Ma - C.Viper
7 Luka - Abel
9 Nasir - Ryu
9 Scott - Ryu/Honda
9 Sanchez :mad: Guile/Abel/Gief?
9 MtSac Kid - Guile?
13 Alex M - ?
13 Bullet - Abel?
13 Shoo - Bison
13 Geno - ?
17 Pherai - ?
17 UltraCarl - ?
17 Ty - Boxer
17 SrFrijoles - Ryu
17 Lenin - Ryu
17 Evil Elvis - Ryu?

22 People Total

Thank you to everyone for coming out, and hopefully see you guys at the next one :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

Videos coming up be patient

ggs to everyone, lookin forward to the next one. also thx goes out to whoever ran the tournament (dunno anyone in the 2d community sry), went pretty smooth

good games to luka, pherai, that chun player i didnt get your name sorry, and ed ma (who is quickly becoming my arch nemesis :mad:).

Thanks for shoo and sanchez for runninig smoothly. No thanks for sanchez for being a dirty sanchez who is hella shady with my past tournament entry. :shake: :lovin:No thanks for shoo for not paying me the $1 he owes either. :shake: :lovin:

See you maybe at the next AI one. Don’t think I’ll go to the FFA tourney. Maybe I’ll sneak to AI or Super next weekend to practice… :arazz:

I won’t be able to post videos today. Starting tomorrow I hope.


yea gg to all the players there… great time being there. Great matches and even greater players… sanchez is dirty hype hahaha… sanchez + bebop = lawls props for CF for teaching me the ropes w/ abel… and gg Ronstoppable.

gg’s to everyone i played. hope to see you all in the coming weeks for some casuals. :]
Thanks for the tips combo, your abel is above and behind.

BOB ino!

Good shit to everyone who attended.

Ron - How was Red Lobster? :rofl: You too nice, man. Keep it up!

Combofiend - Galactus ain’t got shit on you, mang! Good lookin out on the Claw crossup.

Bobino - That Rufus is fuckin pringles, man. Good shit, hope you can make the next one.

Ryan - That’s one serious Honda. Good shit on punishing my spammed wall dives, lol. And don’t sweat the trash talk and emotion from the game, it’s that kinda hype that makes it fun. So… GET HYPE!!!

Gootecks - I don’t understand how you can be so modest about your Ryu… cuz that shit was beasting people. Good shit, sir.

Ed - I’ll be back in 2 weeks. :rofl:

Luka - Mang, you already know. The usos are officially up in that SF4 ass. MANU SAMOA!!! runs off and does the haka

Sanchez - I’M not in here with** YOU**… YOU’RE in here with ME!!!

Scott - Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. AI 4 lyfe!

Shoo - Those shirts beasted my eyes. Good shit on running the tourney, and running off periodically to play ST. LOL.

Christian: Don’t give up on that Guile man, you haven’t tried the trick I suggested! lol.

Lenin: Thanks for ruining everyone’s night! :bgrin:


EvilJ: Nice meeting you, man. We gotta hit up the carpool or casuals in Corona sometime. Get at me, yo. :bgrin:

Pherai: That Sagat is nice, but I wanna see some more of that Akuma!

P.S. If you guys haven’t already done so, please thank the owner (Ken) next time you drop by. He might look somewhat difficult to approach, but he’s super nice and he’s done a lot to keep the community going strong.

GOD DAMN you have a lot to say lol:rofl::looney::arazz::wgrin:

I’d like to see more of it too. That thing you mentioned Valle doing is almost convincing me to switch. Your Vega was killing it though, especially that Vega roll. Good seeing you man.

Also shout outs to Sanchez, Lenin, Shoo, Bean, Gootecks, Ed, Scott, and everyone else. Was a fun tourney :mad:

Oh ya, how can I get my hands on one of those “Save Your Focus” t shirts? That shit is too ill

i’ll give you the st results
Gasp(chun/dhalsim) 2
Shoo (boxer) 1

too free

those honda and vega players were nasty

rsone nice av

bobino repping team g

I always figured you for some black dude. Imagine my surprise when I played you. :rofl:

Don’t you have better thnigs to do than troll my posts? I mean, isn’t your roid injection past due? :wink:

Municipal Waste is gonna…:mad:

Bebop, i hate your cross-ups… but i love screaming “shooOOO-HO!” when you do them.

Props to everyone that showed up… “keepin the scene alive!”

ggs bebop u got a tricky vega

Not a single El Fuerte player.

Mexico is sad.

jesus-jon, i was expecting some akuma bidness.

i might learn viper just from watching edma.

Fixed to 110% accuracy thanks to my wonderful pseudo-photographic memory.

Niggas love Ryu.:looney:

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks to Scott for being a great liaison and helping us set shit up. Special thanks to Ken for being super cool and helping us out with the cost per game. We ain’t ballers to be spending 40 dollars for a SF tournament…

Except for Edma, who makes 4000 Mansions a year.

Notes for next time-I’m considering the idea of having these on a day other than Saturday. Currently leaning toward Wednesday.

Or maybe keep it to saturdays but start a bit earlier. Getting out of that joint at 8pm was a pain in the ass.:mad:

Possible direct feed next time. RESEARCH IS BEING DONE.

[Shout outs go here!]

Talk about a let down huh? It’ll come in time

maybe earlier
start at 12pm
get out by 5pm
get some boat
or some ching chang below us
then lenin can make curfew