Saved password information which is safest?

i have firefox browser and norton toolbar that allows saved login information. which one is more secure to save my passwords. or is there a better program to use?

I use KeePass. Free, Opensource, versions for windows and linux, portable, not integrated with firefox though, but pretty easy time-limited copy-paste method for login information. Use one password to protect your other passwords.

Or, if you’ll listen to someone who deals with security concerns daily… generate a STRONG password (8 to 16 characters with upper and lower case and special characters and numbers) and use it for everything… rotate it every 90 days and call it a done deal…

example: Makoto4lif3?

I don’t think you understood his question Trugoy. Also, I would not use the same password for everything tbf. To actually answer the OP’s post, just use firefox’s saved password system buddy.

This. Please don’t use your SRK password for online banking.

I use lastpass, its free and encrypted. You can manage it from a webpage (the vault) and it works in all browsers. You can also check out Roboform. I used that too for a time but I didnt like the way it stored passwords locally in cards.