Saving Cammy's V Meter After a V-Trigger Cancel



Here’s some situational tech that I wanted to share. Includes a free BONUS!

Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

Cool thanks for sharing and great job on the video. There is an issue though and that is it basically trades meter for v-skill and if you mis time the walk in it’s a huge waste. Also it may not be the best possible use of meter or combo use if you have super. For example if you did a jump in Hp, st mp, hp, v-trigger, hp CS you’d get 336 damage then if you followed that up with with the v- trigger dive kick, into st mp, st hp, CS xx super you get 480 damage for a total of 816 damage off two combos vs the 327 and 370 damage combos you did for a total of 697 damage. Now if you add in another bnb combo to finish you are usually looking at between 228 and 292 damage which means a 3rd combo wouldn’t finish an opponent with what you did here vs the combos I suggested would. You would have one extra bar of meter whereas I wouldn’t, but the only truly potential use would be an EX dive kick or EX hooligan which wouldn’t net enough damage for a KO either. Considering Cammy has the lowest health in the game you don’t want to give the opponent that extra chance to catch you with a hit considering your usually already low on life if you have v-trigger. It’s better to use the meter for super and finish for the most part, but yes it’s not a bad idea to save one of the charges rather than blow both for only 384 damage as the v-trigger dive kick is probably her best move in the game. I’ve actually just started implementing this, but kudos for bringing it up as everyone has been using the standard SA to CS v-trigger combo for the most part and it’s probably because it’s a guaranteed hit whereas saving it for the dive kick is not. But at the loss of only 50 damage I think it’s worth the potential 480 you could get off of it instead as the v-trigger dive kick messes with peoples grab timings if you’ve been doing a lot of dive kicks earlier in the game.


that is really cool


While i agree it is better to sit on a v-trigger special as a way to get back in for “free” pressure, i disagree about the way you did it in the video. The st.hp xx VT, walk forward, TC xx EX Hooligan airgrab is not efficiënt or very practical. First of all, st.hp is a punishment starter, secondly your setup requires it to done absolutely point blank, in which case you might aswell do, st.hp xx VT, st.hp xx spiral arrow or the cannon spike ender when close or near the corner. Your combo also requires 1 ex bar for only 14 more damage and you get slightly worse setup. You also stun them after a long ass combo which maskes the followup combo do very very little damage.

I’m unsure why you did backdash VT divekick as that is not a real setup, or if you meant to illustrate the point that if you happen to land the divekick during VT you are rewarded greatly. Well, i’ve got one of those too:, st.hp xx VT, hp xx spiral arrow = 430 stun(your combo does 420 stun) and follow it up with:

  • mk hooligan, divekick(stuffs people mashing lights and otherwise free pressure),, st.hp xx spiral arrow = 415 stun(total is 845 stun)
    You are now 1 throw away from stunning he opponent, and if they try to tech a throw they get counterhit and stunned, and ex divekick into st.hp/hk also stuns etc etc.
    This setup is going to be blocked by decent players anyway, just like peoplearen’t going to be hit by random VT divekicks, you ahve to set it up during the neutral game, during footsies.

Everything you do is assume that VT divekick will somehow hit perfectly closely after the ex hooligan grab, and even if that isn’t the case, i rather get the better setup from a v-trigger spiral arrow and keep my ex bars.

I rather keep my 2 ex bars which i can tigerknee for “free” pressure than spend it on a stun which isn’t worth it, or sit on a super which arguably is the best one in the game.

Now this brings up another point, i wish we could use EX moves while in Vtrigger mode.

I appreciate the video, but this stuff isn’t something revolutionary or some great hidden “tech” you discovered. I’m calling it out as people on the reddit board seem impressed by it while it isn’t good in reality.
If i come off as a doucebag, i’m sorry, but i’m realistic here, i just don’t want to sugarcoat it.


Damn lock. Try not to stifle the creativity so much :wink: . I felt the same way but tried to explain it nicely that there are better options. The point he brings up is valid though. Saving V-trigger is sometimes better than to just burn it all on the first hit. His setups weren’t the best but his passion to test it out and share a video is worth something. Also it’s not like he claimed this was some revolutionary stuff. He was just sharing an idea and obviously put some time into it. I’d rather have people out there sharing some knowledge they discovered like this than not. I mean if you really want to give people some shit hit youtube up and go after all of the unbelievably bad beginner tutorials out there. Those piss me off more because it screws up beginners with totally incorrect information.


“First of all, st.hp is a punishment starter”

Yes, that’s why I chose this move. Your combo is good, don’t get me wrong, but the reason I shared mine is because it’s a way of saving all of your V-Trigger. Saving half of it is one thing, and is certainly useful, but having two uses left and a ton of time to use them in is something nice. If you feel like with the way you play game you don’t want to use it, that’s perfectly fine. I’m just not entirely sure of why you felt the need to kind of attack me.

You’re absolutely right, if you have a super saved up there is no reason to use it, which does pretty much invalidate the combo I went for. But I wouldn’t take my sequence I showed too literally. Please note my wording, “Here’s one way you can reap the benefits of saving your V-Meter.” At no point do I say that that is the optimal thing you can do or the thing you should be going for every time. I just wanted to show the potential advantage gained from saving your V-Meter.

“Everything you do is assume that VT divekick will somehow hit perfectly closely after the ex hooligan grab”

Man this is just not the case. Like I said, it was really only intended as an example. I used the V-trigger divekick combo because I like it as a max damage combo with full V-trigger and 1 bar, so thought it would be a good example of saving your V-Trigger. If you prefer saving your EX meters that’s cool man.

That combo after the stun doesn’t do little damage, I intentionally went for a reset after the EX divekick to get a little more damage. The combo was cr. lp, target combo xx dp, which did 188 damage after the 409 damage from the stun. It didn’t do that much damage because it was after a jab and the opponent was at low health, effecting the scale. Still, it did a hell of a lot more damage than a non-reset combo would have done.

Thanks SunTzu.


Perhaps i responded a bit too harshly, i still think the whole thing is kinda ass. If you think it is viable then you should definately use it, if i end up being wrong i’ll happily eat my words and even start using the hp xx VT, TC xx EX hooligan combo. For now, i don’t see any benefit from it unfortunately.


I think saving your second V-Trigger Special is definitely situational. I have found myself saving the second V-Trigger Special when I need to maintain pressure.

For example, any character that Cammy needs to get in on. Or, in a situation where you need to make a bigger comeback.

Situations where you could use it would more be when you don’t mind a reset to neutral, plan to sit on a life lead, the other character needs to come to you, etc.

Yes, it’s just another situation where Cammy needs to forfeit damage for pressure, but I think it’s quite viable. Not to mention, it isn’t like you’ve lost a damage opportunity for pressure (like using Spiral Arrow over DP). You still have a chance to land a bigger combo or at least pose the threat of that combo.


Assuming both hits don’t kill, the only factor I really think about is “can I get another v-trigger this round.” If I can get another, blow them in one go, if not save one.

Holding on to the meter when you can get another full v-trigger actually affords you less v-trigger during the round overall, cause you’re burning time, which means all the time you’re blocking with one stock left gains you nothing.

It’s all about opportunity cost really.


Considering Cammy is KO’d in 3-4 combos you don’t usually get two v-triggers very often. Basically after the 2nd combo you’ll get one, but by the 4th combo you are dead. I can recall once having zero life and doing her v-skill to block just so I could get one more v-trigger in as the bar was just shy of being full. Not saying it doesn’t happen. It’s just really rare as you have to have the opportunity to pop it at around or before 50% life. Just one more thing you have to try and setup correctly, but with Cammy you are usually dominating in which case you won’t have V-Trigger or you are already losing hard in which case the opportunity for two V-triggers has already passed.


I agree with Ranma. I almost always burn the first V-Trigger stocks in combo situations when possible. Because Cammy’s stun and health points are so low, I feel that you need as much damage output as possible. We all know how many comebacks Cammy opponents make, even when we have a huge life lead on them. Burn that first V-Trigger ASAP so that you can possibly have a 2nd one in that round. Get that damage and maximize your V-Trigger possibilities.

Of note: Only using half of the V-Trigger stock in an initial combo of a 2nd V-Trigger activation is great for mindgames, but we would benefit from practicing these scenarios and having a general gameplan on conditioning our opponent beforehand. Doing it ham-style (heat of the moment) would only make you lose precious V-Trigger time because of indecision. It’s a scenario that I think about from time to time… and there are some intetesting options out there.

We all know that opponents are looking for us to do Cannon Strike (most anticipated) or Spiral Arrow (somewhat anticipated). When we are in striking range of CS, you will notice that the opponent will be more reluctant to stick out slower normals, and more likely to prepare an anti-air attack. Knowing this, way in advance, we should discuss and practice these special situations to really up our game. :slight_smile:


The only time I burn the whole V-Trigger is for corner Combos.
After corner SA I always go for the DP,because I get the pressure afterwards anyway.

Midscreen it’s a different story. I mix things in and try Mixups rather than damage,especialy if I have one Bar, I like to do this.