Saving Super Meter



In some MUs, ones where I don’t get too much mileage out of EX booms in particular (Adon :/) I tend to save my Super Combo meter and punish moves that Guile, under most contexts, can’t punish (i.e. Jaguar Kick). Smart decision or should I find better use for the Super meter?


Jaguar Kick can also be beat by a light Flash Kick.


Oh, for sure. I mean when he gets it on block though.


I whiff punish with ex boom so I don’t really ever have much meter in any matchup.


Huh. I didn’t know you could do that. Personally I’d do what you are doing now for matchups like Adon. I usually go into 2nd round with a full meter anyway. For your Ryus, Sagats and Akumas it’s a different story of course.


The Super has an odd property so there are times that it will behave like a 2f move instead of a 3f move. I like it because he can punish moves that would normally be safe against him.