Saving Super Meter?


Okay… I’m not sure I know the best way to say all this… Me and a friend of mine are both at a beginner level in this game. Although I still suck, I noticed that my friend likes to throw out a lot of special moves and raw Ultras on wakeup quite a lot and I tend to anticipate them, and he never focus cancels while doing them. I don’t know exactly who his mains are, but I’m assuming his go-to character is Cody. He told me he never focus cancels because he’s saving EX blocks so he can perform Longer Combos (particularly Cody’s Super Combo) , and he absolutely neverfocus cancels to “get away from possible attacks”. I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that, but I don’t know about this… I don’t play Cody anymore, but I was told that his only good reversal is an EX Zonk Knuckle (I was also told that its now Focus-Cancelable in Ultra, is it true?), and yet my friend never uses it, he uses Ruffian Kick instead.

He told me that he’s trying to differentiate himself from other players and “be original in some important aspects”. I am not a great player myself by any means and still have a lot to learn, but I am prone to trying to help other players I beat and often give them advice or tips from what I do know (or at least what I think I know). This guy is a training partner of mine and we’re both tying to level up at the same time, but his idea of differentiating himself like that? Its cool to think outside the box sometimes, but isn’t it a little dangerous? I don’t know exactly what other original stuff he’s trying to do, but whatever it is, I have feeling that some (if not all) of it might not be such a safe approach. Is it a good idea to save meter for damage than for defense? I am still a beginner myself, so I don’t know what to tell him about that.

On a seperate note: I also have my own concerns about super meter (I play as Boxer, Claw, and Juri if it makes a difference)… I don’t Focus Cancel myself, but for a different reason: I never learned any moves (or which version of a move) I should focus cancel or if they even have any moves worth focus canceling (I was told that Boxer has none), and I found out that all 3 of my mains have a bad wakeup game. When I have meter, I usually just use an EX Dash Upper or EX Pinwheel/Counter as reversals and I really don’t what I can do when I don’t have any, and I am prone to pressing too many buttons or sometimes none at all. When a 2nd or 3rd round begins, I usually get scared and panic a bit when my opponent has more meter than me, which happens a lot since I use Super Blocks for EX Dash Punches and stuff.

What should we do…?


If you want to save on super meter make sure to bring your membership card to get a discount. Each use of meter has a purpose and if you do the exact same thing every time your not going to get very far.


I don’t play Cody but EX Zonk is like Cody’s dragon punch; it has a good bit of invincibility which makes it a good reversal option. I don’t know how good of a reversal ruffian kick is, but I would wager that EX Zonk is the better option. Focus cancels (FADC) are useful for both saving yourself after your unsafe move is blocked, as well as extending combos.

Random wake-up Ultra is common in a beginner setting, but if you block and punish it enough times your friend should hopefully stop throwing it out like that. Keep in mind that you cannot FADC an Ultra.

Saving for super is character dependent. In previous SF4 versions, a common tactic for Gen is to save meter for his super xx ultra combo. However a character like C.Viper gets more utility from using meter on ex seismos and being able to FADC her HP thunder knuckle to make it safe on block.

This is just my opinion, but a beginner trying to be “original” is really just limiting themselves unnecessarily. Refusal to accept advice can be due to stubbornness ( a sense of “honor”, self imposed restrictions ), or just the inability to perform whatever you are suggesting. Giving advice in this situation can cause people to get defensive, so it is a good idea when offering advice to recognize that they might not accept it right away. Just mention it every once in a while and try to expose these flaws in your casual matches. Don’t be aggressive about it in any case.

I suggest watching some tournament footage of good players using your character(s). They have a twitch app on Xbox360 now, so it can be fun (and productive!) to chill on the couch and watch a tournament stream with your friend.