Saw this at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries in South San Jose

LOL, i hope someone on SRK was responsible for this awesomeness.
5 Guys Burgers N fries has a bulletin board and some 3x5 cards and crayons for customers to write messages and put up, I saw these 2 a Boxer and a Dictator!


Dude, I draw stuff like this all the time at my 5 guys… cept there are more airplanes shooting guns shooting bullets, and schizophrenic crack addicts enjoying and endorsing a 5 guys burger.
It’s funny to see people’s reactions to the stuff I put on the cork board.

Not a fan of five guys. Crap is over-hyped in my state. Not that great.

They opened one in south surrey and I’ve been meaning to try it. I’m a pretty big fan of triple o’s/white spot though, so hopefully it compares.

Also awesome pic lol.

holy shit is it ever good

We just had one open up nearby and people are saying its better than In n Out, but I’m skeptical.

I just found there is one some blocks from me.
Maybe try out this place.

Its not true, its just another overpriced mediocre burger place. I do love their fries though

You ask for some fries, they give you a big ass bag full. My kinda place! :tup:

my ec buds were hyping it, and we finally got them here in chicago.

too bad it pales in comparison to even local bar food here. reeeeaaally mediocre burger joint, and overpriced.