Saw this on Sai-rec vid



I saw Bison do a straight up hk,, rh scissor kick, Mega PC. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on EO and it was in C-groove. Anyone know how to do it?!!?!?!?!


Any groove with a level 3 can do that combo… you just do the scissors as a charge back, f-b+rh motion so you get the immediate charge on the super…


:bluu: I still can’t do that shit, I’m guessing it’s real strict timing. I must learn this combo.


does that move only work on HK?? I tried for HOURS with MK and LK but is not working…

my motion is:

charge back, forward, (between forward and back) Mk or LK (scissor kick) , back, forward + HP

result: FAIL! :bluu:


HAS to be roundhouse scissors. And yea when you do the charge trick Gunter mentioned above it’s hella easy.