SawStop saves your hands



For all you custom stick builders out there. Spend $1500 on a table saw or spend $100,000 reattaching your fingers when you slip. Every 9 mins someone suffers a table saw injury in the US.

Just thought I’d pass this along because there seems to be a lot of people attempting (including myself) to build custom sticks lately, so its only a matter of time before an SRK’er looses his fingers. Safety first. There are some great testimonial videos of people who’s fingers got saved on Youtube.

Even when using a table saw properly many people get injured. (wood kicks/binds and fingers fly into machine at light speed.


I clicked on this thread expecting spam. :smile: I remember the commercials for these. Now I just need SolderStop to keep me from burning my damned fingers with the iron.



Like said in the video, that is some faith in his own product. Think this should be a must in all school wood work class’s


i saw this a while ago. but working with gloves can also help.

Work smart… work safe!


Yeah, this has been around for a while. I first “saw” it on Time Warp. If you do a lot of sawing or something it might be worth it. But some of us only use our table saws a few times a year. It only takes one slip to mess up, but if the tablesaw cost $1500 then I wouldn’t have one in the first place.

It seems to me that a GFCI, a block of aluminum, and a spring really should’t run $1500.


Damn. That’s pretty sweet. Wish I would have known about this thing a year ago when I purchased my Rigid table saw.


Well even if it saves one finger its worth a hell of a lot more than $1500. A good table saw will cost you a grand anyway.


Yea same boat here. I’m saving up the $1500 and getting this saw as I plan on doing a lot of wood working as a new hobby.


I remember from the Time Warp show that you don’t have to replace the entire table saw, just the braking mechanism, which I think is only like $60. You’d have to replace the sawblade, too most likely.


I saw this on Time Warp too.

The creator put his finger on it to stop it.

Seems like an excellent idea and I would get it if I was serious about wood working.

I had a friend that cut off his thumb during a High School woodshop class so it can happen to anyone.


Wow, the yt video was amazing. Wish I knew someone who had one of these so I wouldn’t get so paranoid when using my dad’s table saw.


You’re joking right?

You aint even supposed to have long sleeves let alone gloves! they can get caught and pull you into the blade! :looney:


That is some crazy stuff.


That is pretty wild. I wonder if the alluminum brake needs to be replaced after every stop.


i remember seeing something similar it might be the same one actually.
but from what i remember; it still looks like a nice chunk 'o skin :slight_smile: i’d rather lose 1/8" worth of skin then lose my fingers though.

i think the breaks/fuse needs to be replaced every time it activates.

awesome piece of technology.


But now what am I supposed to use to slice up hot dogs? :sad:


Exactly! This setup is a neat trick, but it can only stop the blade so fast. If you’re moving fast enough (like if you slip) IT WILL STILL CUT YOU. I can’t stress this enough, fancy tech like this (as cool as it is) is no replacement for following proper safety guidelines when using tools.

Here’s a bit of info on safety for table saws from a quick Google search.

Again, this is really neat technology, but don’t think you have to have it in order to safely operate a table saw.


from what I hear of similar products, that while it may stop you from getting hurt, it also completely destroys the table saw. having it as an extra safety device couldn’t hurt (you anyway), but still maintain safe wood working practices and you should be ok.


Better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you are a gamer, it would hella suck to lose your fingers…


i remember the commercials… pretty legit table saw if safety is ur bag of chips…