Say goodbye to the old Ketchup packet, and say hello to

We live in 2010. That’s a momentous year, and to accompany it, should be momentous things.

Some day your great grandkids babies girlfriends will ask rhetorically what the dinosaurs were like.

To that, you’ll respond, “You little slut, I wasn’t alive with the dinosaurs. But I did use the old ketchup packet.”

Then all will marvel at your age.

Enough ballyhoo. Behold, 2010!

And thanks must go to those who initiated such futuristic invention!

My god, What a breakthrough…

I’ve had plenty of dipping kethcup from Whataburger(best I’ve ever tasted)plenty of times. But, squeezing it as well?? EPIC

but dogface! i HATE ketchup! what about me? will they have dipping tartar sauce packets???

Looks like a cool ass way to get some ketchup.

Ketchup is now pimpin’, dawg.

Real talk.

Wow companies learning how to be efficient? That is amazing!

its 2010 where is my charles xavier hoverchair to go along with my new ketchup?

2010, really good start so far. No celebrity deaths, and a Heinz breakthrough. They need ranch like this



First I lol’d. Then I realized how genious this is. It even looks like a cute little bottle! (no homo)

Too bad I hate ketchup.

So long as none of you use this new technology to put ketchup on a hotdog, everything is going to be fine.

now we can put ketchup with pinpoint accuracy!! :rofl:

man these ads make everything sound serious

fucking awesome!!!

[media=youtube]IUH3JQjcweM[/media] Ketchup is stepping its game up.

It IS serious!

ooooooo i can’t wait to see the modern marvels special about this new ketchup package on the history channel.

This is proof of Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero!

On another note, the proper way to garnish a hotdog is mustard, ketchup, relish, and kraut. Thank you.

I’m gonna snipe that fucking burger now.

My god! What have we been using this entire time! We’re savages! throws away old Burger King ketchup packets