Say hello to new mod Contra


He will be co-moderating the Canada section. Feel free to direct any (all) PM’s and questions to him!


Awesome. You are doing a good job already Contra. Thank for keeping the cage of animals honest.


A round of applause to that silly boy who can’t stop playing an outdated NES game that no one cares about!


somebody is obviously trolling for an infraction right there…


Yeah!! Now I can talk all the shit I want!! All hail Contra!!!


someone input that code for infinite bans


Myles is mod now… MYLES FOR MAYOR NEXT


Thanks everyone, looking forward to helping keep the forums clean and most importantly relevant for our Canadian players!


Does this mean we can start revolting against our current mod DaDesiCanadian? I already like Contra way better and don’t even know him…


I’m still a mod


BANNED for revolting

and for being white


Hey Miles, Congrats mang.
I guess all that X-Men whoring really helped.



One step closer do that gold myles…


good shiet Myles!


Thanks everyone, glad to help


4 More Years!!! 4 More Years!!! 4 More Years!!!


what does it take to be a mod? i have been on srk for over 10 years now…only had 1 infraction for saying “Fuck You” to nagata lock


When you get 10 infractions, you evolve to mod.