Say Hello to the Sonic Hurricane TE Stick!

Got tired of the boring orignal TE artwork so I created this beauty this past weekend. I call it the Sonic Hurricane. FK FADC SH :cool:! FTMFW

oh and how did you remove the red trim around the front panel?

That’s the SSFIV TE-S stick. There is no bezel.


well damn… i got the TE-second round. red bezel and all -_-

That’s pretty bitchin

A++++++, would look at again

How do I make this happen? Haha, that’s very slick.

Appreciate all the love. To answer a few questions posed. This stick is not the SSF4 TE-S Stick. This stick is the Round 1 original TE stick. I painted the side wings black. I purchased some plexi and did the cut myself. Regarding the art. Inspired by the official SSF4 TE artwork, I decided to pay homage to the Family Man and do him right. Photoshopped and redesigned the art accordingly to match the darker black look. I have access to an 11x17 tabloid laser color printer so that’s where it was printed. Swapped out the buttons and voila.

If anyone has specific questions or needs help, feel free to drop me a PM and I"ll do what I can to help.

Remember guys, if all fails, FADC :cool:

Lol. Now that I look at it closer, the sides HAVE been coloured.

i have this stick here (TE round 2):

does yours have that red border “bezel” as well? and did you paint that black too?

My stick did have the red bezel. Since I cut my plexi to extend further to the edges, I’m no longer using the bezel. It’s a cleaner look. You can keep the bezel and cut a plexi to fit the original artwork, but I chose the extended full panel look.

i just sent you a PM :smiley: thanks!

That stick is awesome good job.


Dude that is awesome!

Awesome stick, any chance you would be willing to share the psd file you used to make that. I’m interested in copying your stick.

Raw stick…sigh i need a job. Hori ex2 sucks. Should of at least get a Hori pro. Its easier to mod.

Great looking stick, always loved that artwork of Guile

I’ve seen the pic around but I’m no good with photoshop we would all be grateful if you could share the image,