Say your workplace installed cams in work vehicles

That’s thier right. Nothing wrong with recording video on your company’s vehicles. Cool. You were told the cams would only record video. Now, say a coworker goes into the office and catches a supervisor scrolling through live video AND audio feeds from company videos. Audio pickup without the knowledge of the affected parties is illegal pretty much everywhere. What would be your next step (especially if you kinda resent that only your division has the cams, and your division has minor fenderbenders that happen maybe 2 or fewer times a year, compared to other divisions in the same company that have far more frequent and severe accidents)?

Idk, Might depend on the situation and how hard you want to push with a lawyer.

But kinda unrelated. Ever seen those warehouse accident videos? Funny shit.

I’d make sure that audio wasn’t implied somewhere in the update about video.
If it’s NOT, contact a lawyer and see if it’s even a winnable case.

Audio pickup is illegal? Some cop that harrassed me said he had recordings of other people he talked to prior to me to make it seem like I wasn’t being singled out. I have his name if I can do some damage.

Find out what Human Resources options your company has to start filing a formal complaint

Get that co-worker to talk to a Union Rep.

AFAIK, You can’t record a private conversation (Inside a vehicle for instance) without people knowing. I mean, hell when I had applied for a license to go on the radio, one of the first things I learned for having guests is that you MUST record them giving permission to be recorded before you record anything else. The same goes for at my current job - we do phone interviews and ask for permission to record, start the recorder, and then record a confirmation saying we’re recording this.

There were no updates, just “hey guys, just fyi, the mechanics are gonna be installing cameras in the vehicles in next couple weeks, so watch what you do” from our supervisor back in january. Later I asked “These are just video, right? Nobody’s gonna get tagged auditioning for American Idol when they’re driving solo, right?” I was assured that it was JUST video. They expressly said no audio, no notes about audio transmission or recording are anywhere, and we were never asked to sign anything.

@Rhio2k I’d say contact a lawyer, bruv.

Should I maybe remove,copy and replace an sd card to check (and obtain evidence if there IS audio present)?

Privately owned, no union.

The place where I work had cams in their vehicles that record audio for years

It’s practically a non issue for me. I didn’t even know that the cams recorded audio until rather recently.

I’ll say it again…

Ask a lawyer before your dumbass investigates it any further and potentially gets your ass fired for being a snoopy twat.

Go to your immediate supervisor and demand an explanation for such an intrusion.

If I can get a free consultation, but wouldn’t I need proof? All I have now is hearsay.

So why you tryin to get fired?

You probably signed some kind of release when they hired you that gives them the right to do this kind of stuff.

A lot of places will do free 15-20 minute consultations. Call a few and ask, see if they’ll take your case. They’ll let you know what you need if they’re willing to take it on.
I’m not a lawyer. I have no fucking idea whether or not you need proof or this or that.

@UltraDavid? LOL

Nope. I was hired in 2001. No cameras were even here until the last 3 years, no agreements or signatures required of us.

We do road construction: closing lanes, putting up detours, delivering signs on stands and such. Blue collar stuff.

Have you confirmed they are recording audio? Recording video + sound is really data intense, and would require monster amounts of storage.