Say you're going 5-10MPH over the speed limit


And some jerk-off comes out of nowhere and starts riding you, without any provocation like cutting him off or high-beaming him or anything of that sort - what do you personally do? Slow down? Speed up? This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I always want to start going at least 5MPH below the limit, but I always fear they’ll come close to hitting me if I do. I always wuss out and maintain my speed.


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Maintaining your speed is fine. You don’t have to change shit just because the chump in the car behind you wants to have a temper tantrum.


All you can really do is maintain your speed. People love to tailgate for whatever reason. If for whatever reason you have to stop short, they’ll plow right into your rear end. That crap is so annoying.


I just keep doin’ my thing. If it’s a 1 lane road, it sucks for him. If it’s a 2-lane and I’m on the left, then if I can I’ll switch lanes. I don’t know why someone would be tailing me especially if I’m going faster than the speed limit but I’m not going to play games n shit. I know what it’s like to be in a real mad rush and having ass-holes not change lanes when I need them to so I can get to my destination asap, or going way too fuckin’ slow. I don’t have any reason to be a prick and assume tail-gator is trying to ride my ass to be a prick so I don’t assume I know why that shit’s going down and just deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I do occasionally fuck with people. Some asshole was being aggressive and had his high-beams on me while riding super fucking close. This was in the freeway mind you so when he got off the same exit as me I made that fucker do 10 mph the entire time. Took us some 5 minutes to just clear the 1 lane exit.


Honestly, drivers usually don’t “come out of nowhere”. If they do, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention to what’s behind you. There’s almost always plenty of time to change lanes or get out of the way unless you’re in the busiest of traffic.

That said, I’m a very defensive driver, yet I have an aggressive stance about it. I stay as far away from other vehicles as I can, which often means passing them. In the case you described, I’ll take my foot off the accelerator and let the car slow down on its own. What they usually do in this case is get pissed off and pass you (often illegally), and then you can go on your way.


Word, I’m like that. If I can I get over, if not you’ll just have to wait. I don’t even think about why they’re doing that shit other than they’re obviously in a hurry. Maybe dudes wife went into labor, maybe he recovered from a flat and is trying to make that important interview, or a family member got injured or worse. Maybe he’s just being a jerk…fuck if I know. I’ve been in a mad rush to get somewhere so I can understand.

edit - I would like to mention that around here, on the freeway/highway, the speed limit is 65 mph. Most freeways and highways I drive on are 2 or 3 lanes. I drive between 65 mph and 70 mph. I rarely leave the slow lane (furthest right) and never get into the fast lane (furthest left).

It has been some years since Ive been in a mad rush. Shit, its been some years since Ive been in a hurry to get anywhere. I just take my time, go the speed limit (maybe 5 miles above it) wherever im driving.


My favorites are the Anti Lane Switch Commandos.
I was traveling middle lane, had to turn left a couple of lights ahead. I signal, wait for two cars to pass so I don’t slow them down and start moving over about 70 meters ahead of some redneck asshole. I see him floor it in my rearview and just as I get over he pulls up right behind me blaring his horn.
I stick my hand out the window and give him a Thumbs Down and he starts RAGING in his truck. He pulls out into the turn lane left of me slams on his brakes.
Rolls down his window and screaming "You wanna pull over and fucking settle this right now??"
I shrug and point at a motorcycle cop the next lane over in front of us, who’s looking back at the commotion. The redneck shuts up and rolls up his window. The light turns green and I give the guy a friendly wave with gigantic shit eating grin on my face.
The turn lane he got into leads to a dead end, and you can only turn right from that street’s exit coming back out, going the opposite direction he was originally going. Satisfaction:tup:


Drop down 20 mph lower than the speed limit, then speed back up when they try to pass me in the turn lane and trap them at a stop light.


Yo, I also want to say that this never really happens to me so I’ll just assume that most of you drive like jerks.

This makes me think about those jerk offs who are constantly switching lanes so they can get ahead. I just stay in the slow lane and get to the same place they do at the same time.


Its funny when someone does an asshole move, and they KNOW you’re pissed. You know there might be a light coming and they try to get over to the right so they wont be next to you? Guess what, my car is RIGHT HAND DRIVE, I will be next to your window at the light. They proceed to be scared as fuck, I mean, I could reach out an punch you. LOL.


When I drove my Eclipses, I used to just drop a gear and dump the clutch. Worked like a charm. They’d have to hit their brakes, and would back off knowing they didn’t have the leisure of my tail lights warning them.

I drive a Jeep Liberty KK now, so idgaf if people ride me. Their lights aren’t in my rear-view.


Generally I ignore them and maintain the same speed.

My neighbor’s daughter slowed down 15 miles under the limit when this guy in a truck was trying to pass her. He was honking his horn frantically. She and her friends thought it was hilarious. First chance he got he smashed into the side of their car running them off the road. They never caught the guy.

You don’t always know who’s out there, and what they are capable of. Going out of your way to piss someone off is not a good idea.


Pretty much what you should do is let them pass. People can be assholes and think the world revolves around them and don’t care about anything else. Challenging them can get you killed. One person said that they honked their horn and the guy in front of them got out of their car and came at them with a gun. My mentality is pretty much everyone is a violent prick out to kill you so I drive alert. Luckily the only accident I had left no damage to my car or theirs but as I expected the “victim” is trying to cash in for all it’s worth. Humanity’s true nature shows again.


if someone is tailing you, you should get out of the fast lane. And let them pass, theres a reason its called the fast lane, I hate all you fuckers who drive like grandmas in this lane


I believe it’s technically called the passing lane. As in drive right, pass left. It’s there so cars have a safe way of getting around one another, not so that meatheads can cruise as fast as they please.


no its the fast lane, I dont care what you call it. If you want to drive like a sunday driver you might as well not drive in that lane. If you dont want people tailing you, then dont drive in that lane and let them pass. You can complain all you want, its not going to get you anywhere


in germany on the autobahn you are supposed to be paying attention enough to get the hell outta the way. Especially since there is no guarentee that you wont be held liable for an accident if the car hits you from behind. The left lane is for passing only anyway.

Now as far as i go for my driving… i carry that over from germany. I reserve the left most lane for passing only and stay out of it unless i’m actually passing someone at that moment then get back over into the original lane. I give that respect to the people that need to get somewhere in a hurry. Sorry but if you’re doing less than the speed limit and you’re in the left most lane slowing down people behind you then you get what you deserve for being inconsiderate. And depending on where you are it’s actually illegal to block traffic like that. In cali you are legally required to move out of the way if someone behind you is coming up fast and you’re in the left lane. Even if you’re speeding. Unfortunately CHP doesnt enforce it. Short of a traffic jam there is no excuse for driving less than the speed limit in the fast lane. Any other lane… ok got it. go at least the minimum speed limit.

Also, a bit of advice from a cop buddy of mine, but if police are right behind you riding your ass in the fast lane and you’re doing the speed limit (or they have their lights on and you are/were speeding) and there’s a car next to you… pass the car beside you and dont sweat the issue of speeding to pass the car next to you. You’ll only piss off the cop more if you slow down to get behind the car beside you. Put turn signal on, pass the guy and pull over.

As for the assholes that wanna fucking run me off the mountain, next fucker that merges into my god damn land literally right fucking beside me because they are too fucking dumb or laze to look to their right and see a big long ass camaro right beside them and runs me onto the shoulder is getting spun off the mountain. Shit’s happened twice already.


You seem to be trapped within a false dichotomy here.

It’s not for driving fast. It’s not for driving slow. It’s not for driving, period. It’s for passing.

Yeah, there’s nothing really stopping you from treating it otherwise*, but people who stick to the left so they can speed can’t really complain about people who stick to the left for any other reason. Neither side is using it for its intended purpose.

*Except that in some states, this is actually specified by law. Cops can ticket you for camping out in the left lane for too long.


Flash your brakes and maintain your speed, noob.

This little tid-bit of truth got me out of a speeding ticket once. :tup: